Veterans Memorial

Most University students and staff members are familiar with the Memorial Chapel, yet many do not know its origins.

Honoring  our Veterans at Memorial Chapel

Although the Chapel is one of the University’s most visible icons, many are unaware of its role as a Memorial to those Maryland students, alumni, faculty and staff who made the ultimate sacrifice as members of the armed services. During the building dedication on Oct. 12, 1952, then Chairman of the Board of Regents Judge William P. Cole, Jr., declared that the Chapel stood "in loving remembrance of those who died in defense of their country..." To fully solidify the memory of University associates who served and lost their lives during military conflict, a Memorial Book was established and was first "published" with 209 names. This book can be found in the University Archives.

Each Veterans Day, the University community gathers to honor and celebrate the contributions of  Maryland Veterans.  This commemoration has gained momentum as part of the University of Maryland’s Veterans Initiative to raise the level of  opportunities for Veterans on campus. In November 2008, the Memorial Chapel was proud to contribute to the inaugural Veterans Week which presented a series of programs for and about Veterans. Since then, this treasured event has become a tradition.

Remembering UMD Veterans Who We Have Lost, October 2019 - October 2020 

Stanley J. Abremski

John T. Adams, Jr.

Thomas F. Aidala Jr.

Charles T. Alexander, Jr.

Joseph S. Allulis, Jr.

Robert L. Almond

Marvin T. Ankers

John E. Appel

James B. Armstrong

Charles A. Babendreier

Ralph R. Barry

Anthony Emmett Bass

Walter R. Baylor

Franklin L. Becraft

Harold N. Blanton

John H. Bloom, Jr.

Wayland L. Blowe

Peter A. Bozick

Elwood T. Brady

Donald R. Brewer

Donald S. Brown, Jr.

Ralph L. Brown

George D. Broyles

Ronald Burton Busick

William R. Cadle, Jr.

Daniel J. Cahill

Edmund D. Cappuccilli

Richard H. Carignan

Timothy K. Carroll

Barry R. Chernack

John J. Collins

Patrick M. Cooper

Christian Briand Cowdrey

Charles W. Crickman

George A. Croushorn

Daniel W. Daly

Carl L. Dammann

Harry T. DeMoll

Egbert Devries

John W. Dracopoulos

Madison B. Dunlap

Sherria A. Dunlap

Russell E. Eddy, Jr.

Samuel L. Fagin

George R. Fairfax

Rodney L. Faller

George B. Farquhar

Morris F. Favorite

T. Meade Felton

Michael R. Ferrara

Eleanor H. Fields

Robert J. Fogler

Gary L. Galemore

John J. Gallagher

William E. Gallik

Volker R. Geissler

Leonard Goldinger

Ramon F. Granados

Jeffery T. Gray

Jack A. Grubber

Robert S. Hachten

James D. Halsey, Jr.

William R. Hamilton, Jr.

Stuart L. Hanlein

Robert L. Harrell

Walter F. Heid

Joseph L. Henley

Walter K. Herr

Ralph V. Higdon, Jr.

Melvin A. Huyett

Maclear Jacoby, Jr.

William C. James, III

Burton J. Jarman

Barbara Kehoe

Charles R. Kershner

Carl J. Klein

Karl A. Kowalski, Jr.

Albert S. Krause, Jr.

F. Albert Kuckhoff

Robert L. Lambdin

Loren R. Larson

Bernard E. Leightheiser, Jr.

Donald T. Lewers

George M. Luker

Gabriel G. Luther

Thomas J. Lynch

Van L. MacCabe

Harry H. Magazu

William Maletzky

John E. Maley

Russell W. Mank, Jr.

Eugene T. Maratta

Frederick Marchionna

Alexander Mathews

Karl J. Matzdorf

John D. McDermott

Jean C. McKinney

William B. McKinney

Luther H. Mensch

Karl W. Meyer, Jr.

Robert J. Mier

Michael E. Miller

Robert E. Miller

William A. Millichap

James R. Miskelly

Frank L. Monteforte

Everett A. Moretti

Michael S. Moseley

Thomas V. Murphy, Jr.

Richard A. Newman

Charles J. Nizolek

Robert E. Novak, Sr.

Charles D. Null

Thomas M. O'Brien

Samuel J. O'Neill

George W. Oatis, Jr.

Susan L. Patterson

Roy E. Pepper

James V. Phalon

Charles V. Phillips

Stanley M. Plies

Fred T. Plybon, Jr.

Vernon E. Poole

Raymond S. Potter

William F. Pressly

Jonas R. Rappeport

Clifford M. Ricketts

Robert L. Ridgeway

Mark V. Rosenker

Edward C. Rosenzweig

Doyle P. Royal

Charles S. Rupp

Edward J. Ryan

Victoria S. Rymer

John C. Sansone

George Sardarian

David B. Schuler

Nicholas A. Scibilia

Nelson M. Seese

Charles M. Shub

David E. Simm

Paul R. Simmers

Joseph F. Snee

John P. Spicer

David W. Starr

George J. Stephano

Michael R. Sullivan

Mark E. Swomley

George H. Sykes

Edward R. Thomas

John W. Tomlinson, Jr.

Mahlon H. Trout, Jr.

Henry A. Tucker, Jr.

Diane A. Turley

Louis F. Tyler, Jr.

John G. Voelker, Jr.

Grant H. Wagner

Vernon H. Walker

George A. Ward

John S. Ward, Jr.

Lincoln A. Watkins

Edwin O. Weaver

Glen E. Weston

John C. Wilkerson

Mary L. Wood

Ferdinand A. Wybenga

John P. Zelenka

Joseph J. Zubak


2019 Veterans Day Service

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