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Veterans Memorial

Most University students and staff members are familiar with the Memorial Chapel, yet many do not know its origins.

Honoring  our Veterans at Memorial Chapel

Although the Chapel is one of the University’s most visible icons, many are unaware of its role as a Memorial to those Maryland students, alumni, faculty and staff who made the ultimate sacrifice as members of the armed services. During the building dedication on Oct. 12, 1952, then Chairman of the Board of Regents Judge William P. Cole, Jr., declared that the Chapel stood "in loving remembrance of those who died in defense of their country..." To fully solidify the memory of University associates who served and lost their lives during military conflict, a Memorial Book was established and was first "published" with 209 names. This book can be found in the University Archives.

Each Veterans Day, the University community gathers to honor and celebrate the contributions of  Maryland Veterans.  The 2023 Honor & Remember Veterans Day program is scheduled for Friday, November 10 at noon in the Main Chapel.  Featured speakers will be Frank Goertner, Director for Veteran and Federal Affairs at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, and Rebecca Patterson, a Tillman Military Scholar pursuing a PhD in environmental health sciences. If you cannot be there in person, you may watch the service by livestream at          

Remembering UMD Veterans Who We Have Lost, October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023 

Theodore R. Allen
Tommy S. Armstrong
Richard D. Bagstercollin
Walter Jameson Bell
Arthur E. Biggs
Kenneth Bittinger
Denwood Bryan Bloodsworth, Jr.
Fredric A. Bonnett
Rodney I. Bowling
Kenneth D. Brody
Raymond Reid Burgess
Donald E. Burkett
Jack D. Burkett
Charles O. Burns
Martin A. Buzas
Ralph E. Campbell
Ellis S. Caplan
Anthony T. Cardace
E. Niel Carey
Timothy B. Carlin
Herbert L. Chabot
Thomas W. Chapman, Jr.
David E. Cherry
Paul D. Chiaro
Susan T. Clapper
Robert C. Clark
Jon B. Closson
George D. Connor
Thomas D, Conrad, Jr.
William H. Cowie, Jr.
Douglas E. Custer
Gregory D. Custer
Donald E. Day
Herbert F. Day
Thomas C. Day
Robert C. DuBrule
Marcus Farbenblum
John M. Ferguson, Jr.
John E. Fisher. III
Alfred Fogelman
Terry T. Gladfelter
James E. Goldsmith, Jr.
Edward G. Grace, Jr.
Eugene G. Grace, Jr.
Charles P. Grier
Donald L. Griffin, II
Kumsun Hall
Gordon L. Hammond
Kevin K. Hartner
Donald E. Hemmick
Howard J. Hickman
Elmer E. Horsey
Gordon A. Hull
Bernard Hyatt
C.R. Iannacone
Gary R. Imlay
Lawrence S. Ireland
Joseph E. Jeffs
Isaac Jenkins
Randolph G. Johnson
Wayne R. Johnson
Donald R. Judge
Kevin R. Kearns
Kevin T. Kelty
Ralph C. Kemp
Terry V. Kimmel
Nicholas Kresovich, Jr.
Emmons O. Larson, Jr.
Earl J. LaVoie
Tito R. Leone
Edward A. Livingstone
Eugene L. Long
John W. McGowan
James S. MacKenzie, Jr.
Hugh A. Mallon, III
John B. Mallonee, Jr.
Richard H. Marshall
Jo-Ellen Mason-Foley
Richard K. Matlick
Bruce R. Meadows
James E. Morley
Charles L. Morreels
Wanda G. Moser
Joshua S. Neves
Jack A. Newkirk
John R. Norvell
Patrick F. O’Connor
Mark A. O’Hara, Jr.
Donald S. Orkand
Philip J. O’Toole
Robert A. Parrack
Kenneth D. Pennington
Bruce C. Phillips
Marshall Pittman
Allen R. Plitt
Adrian S. Propst, Jr.
Donald S. Orkand
Herbert Rathner
William J. Raymond
J. Emory Reed
William F. Reisner
Wilson T. Renwick
John A. Reuter
Stuart J. Robinson
Donald L. Roe
Roger A. Romack
Virginia Rounsaville
Robert C. Ruark
Sheldon A. Rubin
Malcom L. Sarna
Walter E. Scheyett
Robert B. Scott
Michael K. Shuck
John D. Shuman
Raymond H. Siegel
David Neil Silk
Alfred H. Smith, Jr.
Hubert N. Sparks
Herbert Stant
Murray R. Stein
William F. Stein
Vernon E. Stinson
Harry A. Susini
Leonard A. Tabor
B. Eugene Taylor
George A. Terrell
Edmund Tramont
Harry L. Van Trees
William Wahlquist
Thomas A. Ward
Jack B. Watson
Ernest J. Weiss, Jr.
Charles E. White
Lynn H. Widener
Michael J. Wigglesworth
Clyde Wolfrey
Daniel Alphonse Yancoskie
Louis L. Zagarino
Ted Zahn
Ted Zaleski, Jr.

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