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Veterans Memorial

Most University students and staff members are familiar with the Memorial Chapel, yet many do not know its origins.

Honoring  our Veterans at Memorial Chapel

Although the Chapel is one of the University’s most visible icons, many are unaware of its role as a Memorial to those Maryland students, alumni, faculty and staff who made the ultimate sacrifice as members of the armed services. During the building dedication on Oct. 12, 1952, then Chairman of the Board of Regents Judge William P. Cole, Jr., declared that the Chapel stood "in loving remembrance of those who died in defense of their country..." To fully solidify the memory of University associates who served and lost their lives during military conflict, a Memorial Book was established and was first "published" with 209 names. This book can be found in the University Archives.

Each Veterans Day, the University community gathers to honor and celebrate the contributions of  Maryland Veterans.  This commemoration has gained momentum as part of the University of Maryland’s Veterans Initiative to raise the level of  opportunities for Veterans on campus. In November 2008, the Memorial Chapel was proud to contribute to the inaugural Veterans Week which presented a series of programs for and about Veterans. Since then, this treasured event has become a tradition.

Our most recent service happened on Friday, November 11, 2022. The featured speakers at the service were Dr. Georgina Dodge, Vice President for diversity & inclusion, and Joseph Hartner, a senior specializing in information science. UMD Veterans who passed away in the last year were remembered both in person and through a livestream that aired at

Remembering UMD Veterans Who We Have Lost, October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022 

Charles B. Adams, Jr.

Marion T. Alexander

Gilbert W. Allen

Thomas L. Aslakson

Charles J. Atas

Rudy K. Avadikian

Carl C. Ay, Jr.

Richard Wayne Beckner

Gilbert L. Bond

Charles F. Bready

Robert T. Callis

Rodger M. Carroll

Stephen R. Cassola

Robert A. Citrano

William E. Clark

Richard Collins, III*

Henry L. Collomb

Benton Delos Cook, II

John L. Cowley

Fred G. Craven

Lloyd D. Creger

Richard L. Cunningham

Donald D'Alfonzo

William S. Davis

Ronald O. Dean

Robert F. Drechsler

Dennis M. Duggan, USA

Charles S. Dulcey

Franklin D. Eastham, IV

Edward R. Ettner, Sr.

Donald V. Fellers, Jr.

Robert P. Finzel

John E. Fissel, Jr.

Jack M. Fralinger

Thomas W. Fugate

Walter R. Gillette, III

John C. Graybeal, Sr.

John B. Gregg

Richard G. Harasin

Gerald C. Hennesy

Randall E. Herr

Irving W. Herrick, Jr.

Charles G. Hoffman, Jr.

Hugh J. Holloman

Winfried H. Hundert

Allen C. Jackson

Arthur S. Jacobs

George D. Johnson

Thomas L. Johnson

Omar J. Jones, III

Robert Monroe Jones, Jr.

Walter F. Judge

Warren C. Kern

W. Earl Kidwell, Jr.

Joseph L. Knee

Robert M. Kridle

Louis Kriser

Harold J. Kumer, Jr.

Vernon D. Kurz

Abraham D. Lavender

Donald R. Lindsey

Louis E. McConnell

Joseph K. McGeady

Henry G. Michel

Robert G. Miller

Roger A. Milstrey

Marvi D. Moore

Harry R. Munson, Jr.

George A. Murphy

Norman W. Nightingale

Anthony Osretkar

Kenneth R. Parker

James M. Phillips

James U. Piersall

Margot L. Pirnie

James C. Poore

James L. Price

Dorothy J. Pugmire

Daniel O. Pyne

George A. Rabey, Jr.

Robert F. Redmond

John D. Reid

Alden C. Richards

Howard F. Roycroft, III

Richard J. Royer

Francis A. Ruffo, Sr.

Richard J. Sansbury

Gary L. Sawyer

Gary P. Schoppert

Earl F. Seboda, Sr.

Lee M. Sherman

Ronald W. Shurie

Andrew J. Smith

John P. Smith

Robert F. Smith

George Solhan

Howard K. Soper

Richard P. Sorrell, Jr.

William T. Stack

Canie B. Steele, Jr.

Henry W. Stintz

Brian D. Study

Victor A. Sulin

Joseph R. Sungenis

Cecil F. Sweeney

John R. Tamaro

Richard O. Taubald

Charles E. Taylor, Jr.

Thomas E. Tomoff

John M. Turner

Ralph E. Wachter

David W. Walser

Warren E. Walter

Roy H. Wampler

Ellsworth Weatherby, III

Thomas H. Wheatley

Nadine M. White

Robert C. Wiley

William H. Wiley

Judith A. Wimberg

Mary L. Wohlkieter

John T. Wood

Joseph F. Zuraski

*deceased 2017

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