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Giving to the Memorial Chapel

The Chapel promotes awareness and celebration of our diversity by serving as sanctuary for all people to feel welcomed and accepted.

Over its sixty years Memorial Chapel has been a major part in helping the University of Maryland become a truly diverse and generous community. Under the stewardship of the Division of Student Affairs, the Chapel is a superb community asset, having contributed to the development of several generations of happy, confident, tolerant, thoughtful and engaged students.

As a center for student programming the Chapel is first and foremost a place where students express, share, and celebrate their faith traditions. Students who regularly participate in the many campus faith communities learn valuable lessons in civic engagement, compassion for others and community service. As host to a variety of community programs, the Chapel helps students, faculty and staff to engage in dialogue through lectures and symposia, perpetuate tradition through Greek letter organization ceremonies and to celebrate their academic accomplishments through commencements, convocations and similar gatherings.

The Chapel promotes awareness and celebration of our diversity by serving as a sanctuary for all people to feel welcomed and accepted. The assortment of faith communities that use the chapel are a testament to the cultural and racial diversity that flourishes today as the University's greatest strength. As a symbol of openness and acceptance, it is in the Chapel's charter that no person shall be turned away from its doors. The Chapel's role as a musical center is yet one more way that it epitomizes our community, in the great variety of works performed as well as in the diversity of its audiences.

The Chapel is a significant part of the history of the University, through its prominent visage West of Route 1, and on hundreds of publications, to its many archival contributions that record the past or this great University so that others may learn from it. In the memories of former students the Chapel weighs prominently from their first visit, to serving as a haven in times of crisis to graduation. And, for some, it represents lifelong memories of their weddings held at the Chapel. For most students the Chapel will forever be with them in sound - in the soothing reassurance of the Carillon faithfully ringing out on the hour and our Alma Mater.

Building a brighter future...

Happily, the Chapel will continue to be an integral part of the University of Maryland community. In preparing this treasure to meet the needs of future generations of students, we are mindful of needs which cannot be ignored such as maintenance, renovation, repair and replacement of its key components. Currently, the magnificent Moller pipe organ is in need of update and restoration. This task alone will cost upwards of $500,000. As the building ages, there is continual need for upgrades to electrical, mechanical, safety and access systems. Keeping the Chapel attractive requires regular attention to wood works, draperies, landscaping and decor. Furnishings, and equipment such as pianos, sound systems, tables and chairs need periodic replacement. Vital to building our future is retaining the historic look of the Chapel and its gardens, steeple, columns and clock for the enjoyment of future generations of students.

With your help, the Chapel will have a very bright future, be enjoyed by many students to come, and continue to be the University's most cherished landmark.

If you would like to make a gift to the chapel, please click here.

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