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Reserve The Chapel

Anyone is welcome to reserve space in Memorial Chapel regardless of their affiliation to the University. The Memorial Chapel is an ideal location for concerts, lectures, meetings, convocations, commencements and everything in between.
If you are interested in holding a wedding at Memorial Chapel, please visit our weddings web site at For all other events, please see below.

Rentable Spaces
There are four rentable spaces in Memorial Chapel:

Main Chapel
With white interior and burgundy accents the Main Chapel accommodates up to 1,000 guests. There are 4 sections of pews on the ground level, as well as balcony seating on 3 sides. The Main Chapel is equipped with a Moller Pipe Organ, as well as a Baldwin grand piano. There is an assortment of altar pieces (brass and wood) to choose from, as well as a lectern, microphones, and numerous tables.

Garden Chapel
A quaint location with red brick walls and rustic wood trusses. The large arched windows allow views of the beautiful Garden of Reflection and Remembrance that surrounds the Garden Chapel on all sides. Maximum occupancy is 100, with about 90 guests seated comfortably. The Garden Chapel is equipped with a Disklavier grand piano with built-in musical options. There is an assortment of altarpieces (brass and wood) to choose from, as well as a lectern and several tables. The space does not require a sound system, but one is available if needed.

A cozy, informal space with chairs and sofas that can seat approximately 25 people, with stacking chairs for a maximum of 30 people. This location is perfect for an informal meeting. Food and beverages are allowed in the Lounge.

Conference Room
A formal meeting room with seating for 18 people. It is equipped with a flat screen TV with laptop connection cables, wireless internet, dry erase board, and easel paper. The Conference Room is the formal atmosphere needed for departmental board or committee meetings and reports or presentations.

How to Reserve Memorial Chapel

If you would like to reserve the Chapel for your event, please call the Chapel Office at 301-314-9866, email the Chapel at  or fill out the online availability request form to see if the date and the time you desire is available. If the space is available you can come into the office in person or call the office to make your reservation. 
Each reservation at the Chapel requires full payment and a signed reservations agreement before the event is finalized.

Space Student Groups Campus Departments General Public Capacity
Main Chapel $60/hour $110/hour $220/hour 1,000
Garden Chapel $50/hour $55/hour $95/hour 100
Lounge $25/hour $30/hour $35/hour 25
Conference Room $25/hour $30/hour $35/hour 18
  • The Student Group rate applies to student organizations that are sponsored, approved and registered with Campus Programs

  • The Department rate applies to valid campus departments with a KFS account

  • The General Public rate applies to all others

Payment can be made by major credit cards, checks, money orders and campus KFS accounts. Cash is not accepted. If you wish to pay by check or money order please make arrangements to drop off the payment in person. Checks can be made out to "University of Maryland."
All rental fees must be paid in full one (1) year before the event date, except for wedding fees, which may be divided into two or three payments.

Usage Guidelines

  1. Renters must not be on the Chapel premises before contracted rental start times or after contracted rental end times.

  2. Renters are responsible for the cleanup of all items, excluding property of Memorial Chapel.

  3. Alcohol is strictly prohibited anywhere on Memorial Chapel premises.

  4. Smoking is prohibited inside the Chapel building.

  5. Animals are prohibited unless approved through the Reservations Office.

  6. Wax candles are prohibited.

  7. Using tape, tacks and other adhesive on pews or any other structures is prohibited.

  8. No equipment is to be plugged into the Chapel sound system, besides the property of Memorial Chapel. Renters may, however, plug cords into Chapel outlets.

  9. Food and drink are allowed in the Lounge and Conference Room only.

  10. Any elaborate or set-up needs to be approved by the Chapel Reservations Office in advance.

  11. Admission may not be charged at events. Donations may be accepted, but no one may be denied entrance due to non-payment to the renter.

  12. Renters will be financially responsible for damage to the building caused by renters or guests.

Audio Systems

Only the property of Memorial Chapel may be plugged into the microphone jacks in the Main Chapel. Clients may, however, plug cords into the electrical outlets in the Main Chapel.

CD or mp3 Player
The Chapel’s sound system has the ability to play prerecorded music from a CD or mp3 player such as an IPod. If you plan to use prerecorded music during your event, you will need to create one CD or play list for your event with all the music you plan to use in the order that it will play during your program. This will eliminate the need to switch mediums during the event and will reduce confusion and make your program run more smoothly.
The Chapel staff member assigned to your event will train a member of your party (i.e., wedding coordinator, group member, etc.) on how to operate the playback controls on the system (i.e., play, pause, stop). This person will be responsible for controlling the music from the control panel inside the Main Chapel during the event. The Chapel staff member will insert your CD or mp3 player into the system prior to the start of your event.

The Chapel’s sound system includes 2 floor standing microphones, a lectern with microphone, one handheld wireless microphone and two wireless lapel microphones. Table-top microphone stands are also available. The Chapel Event Manager will meet with you at your rehearsal or set-up time for your event to review which microphones you will be using and where you would like them placed. They will make sure everything is on and working before your event begins. After your event, please do not allow members of your party to unplug microphones from the microphone jacks. This causes a loud popping noise that will damage the speakers. All wireless microphones must be returned to the Chapel Event Manager directly following the event. After an inventory is taken at the conclusion of your event, if any piece of equipment is missing or damaged, the renter will be charged the replacement or repair price of the missing item.

Assisted Listening Devices
The Chapel’s sound system is equipped with assisted listening devices to accommodate the hearing impaired and others that may benefit from their use. If you anticipate that any of your guests will need use of one of these devices please contact the Chapel office at 301-314-9866, Skype: 301-314-9866 at least two weeks before your event so we can make arrangements.
Feel free to call the Chapel to set up an appointment to test the new system prior to your event at 301-314-9866, Skype: 301-314-9866.

Event Managers

Every event at the Chapel is assigned an Event Manager that will handle setting up the Chapel equipment (such as tables, chairs, sound system, etc.) prior to the start of the event. Before your event date please call the Reservations Office at 301-314-9866, Skype: 301-314-9866 with questions about equipment and set up.

Cancellation Policy

Understanding that the Chapel is harmed by last minute cancellations and due to the nature of event planning the Chapel will have little or no opportunity to resell space, the following policies govern cancellation of wedding reservations:

  • Please submit all cancellations in writing to the Chapel Reservations Office:
    1101 Memorial Chapel
    College Park, MD 20742
  • If your notice to cancel is received more than 30 days prior to your event, then you will receive at 50% refund.
  • If notice is received less than 30 days prior, no refund will be issued.
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