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When is the Chapel typically open?

The Chapel typically is open weekdays from 9am to 5:00pm.  This is usually the time when you can use the Chapels for private meditation or prayer, or can come into the office to make a reservation. During the week and on Sundays, the Chapel is also open for chaplain-sponsored worship and faith-based drop-in classes; refer to the daily calendar for this listing.    

Can anyone attend religious services held at the Chapel? 

Yes, every member of the campus community and the general public are welcome to take part in services.

What is a chaplain and what do they do?

The chaplains, representing a broad range of  faith denominations, work to serve the campus community through religious services and faith-based classes and activities.  The chaplains are affiliates of the University.  See the Chaplains screen for a complete listing and contact information.     

What is the Chapel’s interfaith initiative? 

Interfaith opportunities take place when individuals from one or more faith backgrounds come together for discussion, worship, community service, or other activities.   Ideally, such opportunities offer the chance for individuals to reflect upon the experience from their own faith perspective and learn about other faiths.  Individuals who are agnostic, atheist, and/or spiritually seeking are all included within the interfaith initiative.

How do you use the meditative labyrinth in the Chapel Garden of Reflection and Remembrance?

The labyrinth is a centuries-old form of meditative walking familiar to many traditions, featuring a single path that you take into the center and then out again.  Enter the labyrinth with a question, topic, or individual that you wish to reflect upon. If you wish, take a river stone from the labyrinth bowl in order to help you concentrate your thoughts.  Walk slowly at a steady pace.  Remain at the center of the labyrinth for as long as you wish.  As you make your way out of the labyrinth, step by step, reacquaint yourself with the world outside of yourself.    

Who can reserve space at the Chapel?

The Chapel is open for reservations to individuals affiliated and non-affiliated with the University of Maryland. Recognized student groups and departments are welcome to book with the Memorial Chapel as well as the general public; however, different rates will apply.

What kind of events can I book at the Chapel?

The Chapel is open for weddings, conferences, lectures, musical and dance performances, meetings, baptisms, memorial services, and more!

What forms of payment does the Chapel accept?

Check, Money Order, Credit Card, and KFS # for Campus Departments.

How can I check availability of a particular date?

If you are interesting in holding an event on a particular day, email the Chapel at or call 301-314-9866 to talk with Chapel Staff. 

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