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Transfer & Off-Campus Student Life at the University of Maryland

Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life


Welcome to Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life!

TOCSL exists to CONNECT and ENGAGE Transfer and Off-campus Students of UMD

We ultimately aim to: 

« Equip transfer and off-campus students with the resources to thrive as individuals and to serve as leaders to the off-campus student population »

« Empower transfer and off-campus students to overcome barriers to success »

« Ease the transition for transfer and off-campus students »

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Upcoming TOCSL Events

Are you looking to connect and engage with other transfer and off-campus students like yourself? We have something for you!!! Stay up to date with TOCSL through our website and social media @UMDTOCSL! 

Stay tuned to this page for information about upcoming events!

We look forward to seeing you all!!!

Engage with Us

Transfer and Off Campus Student Life is located in the Engagement Office, ground floor of the Adele H. Stamp, down the hall from the Bookstore, OR behind Panda Express of the Food Court. Also feel free to contact us at 301-405-0986 or at

Connect with Us

  • Join Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life on TerpLink
  • Tag #TOCSL_UMD and follow our journey on Instagram!

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