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Assessment & Research

The Assessment & Research office in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union works with Stamp units to conduct program assessment and learning outcomes assessment.  We support units wishing to undertake original research as well as lead a department wide Research Team.  

The MSL is a national survey exploring students' socially responsible leadership skills and attitudes administered every three years.  Data from this study are used to improve leadership and service programming as well as enrich the campus conversation on best practices for producing socially responsible citizens.  The most recent administration of the MSL was Spring 2021.  The University of Maryland administered this study in conjunction with other BigTen institutions, which afforded us the opportunity to share de-identified data and ask collective questions of students.  BigTen reports from 2018 can be found online, with UMD specific reports from past administrations posted below. 

Reports from 2021 Administration

COVID-19 Pandemic Report - Fall 2021

Climate & Belonging Report - Fall 2021

First Generation Students & Leadership Report - Fall 2021

LCSL: Leadership Efficacy Report - Fall 2021

LCSL: Socially Responsible Leadership Report - Fall 2021

Terps After Dark Report - Fall 2021

STAMP Student Employees Report - Spring 2022

MICA Participants Climate and Belonging Report - Spring 2022


Reports from 2018 Administration

Student Organization Leaders Report - Winter 2019 

Sense of Belonging Report - Spring 2019

Student Employees & Leadership Report - Summer 2019

Leadership Training Report - Summer 2019

First Generation Students & Leadership Report - Summer 2019

STAMP has recently concluded data collection for a qualitative research study seeking to understand the influence of co-curricular involvement on students' growth and development.  Participants were interviewed once per semester over the course of their undergraduate career at the university, providing a unique opportunity to understand students' involvement choices, influences, and outcomes over time.  Data collection started in Fall 2017 and concluded in spring 2021.

Year 1: Reasons for Involvement Report - Fall 2020

Year 1: Barriers to Involvement Report - Fall 2020

Year 1: Social Support Report - Fall 2020

IDEALS is a national research project coordinated through the Interfaith Youth Corps (IFYC) in which the University of Maryland participated.  A sample of students were randomly selected and surveyed three times throughout their enrollment at UMD regarding their experiences exploring faith, views and knowledge of different faiths and spirituality, as well as their intentions to work towards a more pluralistic society. 

Interfaith Summary Report - Fall 2017

In early 2019, the Department of Resident Life partnered with STAMP and others in the Division of Student Affairs to understand students' awareness of certain resources on campus. STAMP included items regarding the Centers for Collaboration and Partnership (i.e., TerpZone, The Memorial Chapel, and Studio A/The STAMP Gallery).

Centers Summary Report - Summer 2019

Veteran Student Life conducted a research project in Fall 2017 exploring the needs of student veterans.  Specific topics of exploration included child care, financial stress, campus resources, health, and community, among others.

Financial Stress Report - Summer 2018

Involvement & Belonging Report - Summer 2018

Demographics Report - Summer 2018

In addition to the above, reports were generated on student Veterans' academics, childcare needs, and health. Email for copies of these reports.

In Spring 2017, Graduate Student Life partnered with the Graduate School, the Graduate Student Government, and Graduate Legal Aid to administer a Quality of Life survey to all graduate students.

Graduate Student Life Survey Summary Report - Fall 2017

International Student Comparison Report - Fall 2017

For questions about the projects referenced above or access to accessible reports contact

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