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The university of maryland memorial chapel an interfaith space on campus

Memorial Chapel

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Feeding the Spirit
Creating an elegant wedding setting
Save the Music
Providing Space for Events
Remembering our Veterans
Encouraging Interfaith Conversation
Encouraging a natural time-out
Honoring Maryland
Beautiful Chapel Garden view
April Iftar Dinners
Ramadan Fasts

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Summer Hours

Chapel Office 

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm


Open Houses

Come tour the spaces before booking your wedding or group event during our monthly Open Houses:

  • June 15, 9am - 11am
  • July 13, 12pm - 2pm
  • August 17, 10am - 12pm
  • September 14, 12pm - 2pm
  • October 19, 2pm - 4pm
  • November 16, 4pm - 6pm
  • December 14, 10am - 12pm


Looking for a faith community?

Click this link or scan the QR code to fill out the Faith Interest Form and we will be in touch with you shortly.


Spring Semester Chaplain Events

Worship: Thursdays 6:30-8pm, Garden Chapel

Sundays: 6:00pm, Main Chapel

Sunday Mass: 10am, Catholic Student Center

Sunday Evening Mass: 8pm, Main Chapel 

Daily Mass (Mon-Fri): 12pm, Main Chapel 

Saturday Mass: 5pm, Catholic Student Center

Wednesday Mass & Dinner: 5:30pm, Catholic Student Center 


For more events visit:

Worship: Tuesdays 5-7pm, Garden Chapel

Office Hours, 5pm or by appointment, Chapel Room 2118

  • April 16th
  • April 23rd
  • April 30th
  • May 14th

Please see the Lutheran chaplaincy page for events.

Conference Call Meditation:

  • Tuesdays 9:30-10:30pm
  • call: (978) 990-5455
  • enter code: 7267777

In- Person Meditation: 

  • Thursdays
  • 6-7pm
  • Chapel Lounge 

Arts and Study: Mondays 11:30am-3pm, Lutheran Office

stART program: Tuesdays 2-2:30pm, Chapel Lounge

Biblelogue Study: Tuesdays 5:15-6:15pm, Upstairs office

En Camino: Wednesdays 2:30-3pm, Main Chapel

Weekly Shabbat

Fridays, 8pm, at Maryland Chabad

Weekly Shabbat on Fridays – Services (6:00 p.m.) and Dinner (7:30 p.m.)

Passover Seders – April 22 and 23

Kosher Dining Hall open daily

More programming and events can be found on the Maryland Hillel website

Daily Prayer: Cole 0201

Friday Jummah, 1:15 pm and 2:15 pm: Nyumburu Cultural Center

Iftar Dinners @ Stamp:

  • March 11: 7pm, Atrium
  • March 25: 7pm, Atrium
  • March 27: 7pm, Atrium
  • April 3: 7:30pm, Colony Ballroom

Check back for event updates.

Monday Morale Boost 

11AM - 1PM in Stamp

A time to take a study break, do some creative and restful activities at the beginning of the week. 

Terp HUB Dinner

Thursdays 5PM - 6PM Location TBD, Begining February 15th

Nourishing our body, our hearts and souls; Every Thursday we’ll meet for a meal, check-in with each other and to ponder God’s message of love and encouragement to us throughout the semester.

Grab Coffee with Pastor Will!! 

Do you want free coffee? Do you want to hang out with a pastor, and ask any question? Email Will at or text (941)323-4221 and we’ll grab some food or coffee! 

Mission Statement

The Memorial Chapel is a multi-faceted campus facility serving numerous on-and off- campus populations and is home to a diverse range of events and personnel. Dedicated in 1952 as a living memorial to members of the University community that gave their lives in times of war, the Memorial Chapel is the center of religious life on campus and supports all fourteen university recognized chaplaincies and their programs. In addition, it is the site for weddings, concerts, lectures, convocations, commencements and other special events throughout the year.

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