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Professional Staff Employment
Positions available within The Stamp for professional staff are posted on ejobs. Please follow the steps listed at Job Application Instructions Your application and or resume will be reviewed and qualified for the specific active posting. Nonexempt positions require applicants complete a profile and general application. Resumes are not accepted when applying for nonexempt positions. Exempt and Graduate Assistant positions require applicants to complete a profile and attached an additional required application material such as resume. The hiring department will contact you directly to establish interest

Student Employment
Positions available within the Stamp are typically posted on the Stamp website. Stamp student employee positions are available to any full-time college student, provide they are able to provide proof of registration at another institution if not at UMCP. Please note that hiring preference may be given to UMCP students. Additional policies/hiring information is available on the Stamp’s employment website.

If you are affiliated with the Stamp or are holding an event in the Stamp, you can do so by filling out an Event Submission form at, or by contacting Eva Quintos Tennant at

Call the Event Services Office at 301-314-8488, or stop by and see them in the Stamp.  For more information, you can access the Event Services website. 

For business related matters, please contact the Stamp Business Office at 301-314-8686.  The Business Office provides fiscal services including budgeting,  financial reporting, accounts payable, and fixed asset reporting/tracking for the Stamp.

The Stamp is a self-support unit on campus.  This means that the department is responsible for generating revenues, and all revenues are applied back to the cost of operating the department. No general funds from the University are used to support the Stamp except for some functions in the Leadership and Community Service Learning and Engagement and Activities areas. Funding for the Stamp comes from four sources: student fees, revenue from room reservations, facility rent from various tenants, and revenue-generating services and programs within the facility. 

The amount of student fees paid to support the Stamp in FY 2014-2015 is $317.36 per year for full-time undergraduate students.  This fee (along with fees to support the Athletic Department, Campus Recreation Services and the Golf Course, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Nyumburu Cultural Center, and the ShuttleUM) is paid as part of the registration process. 

Rooms are provided at no charge to student organizations in support of their routine organizational meetings.  Rates vary for the use of rooms for other purposes according to the size and other features of the specific facility.  Student organizations and University departments are given a discounted rate for all spaces in the Stamp.  
McDonald’s, Panda Express, Terrapin Shipping and Mailing, Copy Show, Maryland Food Coop, Capital One Bank, University Book Center, and Dining Services Operations are independent operations located in the Stamp.  Each of these retail outlets pays rent to the Stamp for use of their space.  Administrative units not supported by the Stamp fee also pay rent for their office space.  

Revenues from Hoff Theater admissions, sales in the Ticket Office, bowling and billiards fees, and other activities in the Stamp also generate revenue for the department. Additional revenue is generated by our development staff who works to secure grants and private and corporate donations to support our operations, programs, and scholarships.

The revenues are all applied to the operation of the Stamp.  This includes staff salaries and benefits, housekeeping and maintenance costs, utilities, costs associated with programs and services offered, marketing, and renovation costs.  The largest single expense is for the repayment of the debt incurred for the renovation of the Stamp that was completed earlier this decade.

For general information about the Stamp, contact the Information Desk at 301-314-3375.  It is located on the first floor of the Stamp. For floor plan information, or restroom locations, check out our online building information.

Questions involving opening a business in the Student Union should be directed to Steve Gnadt, Associate Director of Facilities for the Adele H. Stamp Student Union.  He may be reached at 301-314-8490. 

The University of Maryland Calendar has up to date listings of current campus events.  If you are hosting a campus event, you may also submit  information online to be published on the calendar.

Campus Programs and Event Services assist members of the campus community in planning successful events and programs that are consistent with University policies and designed to facilitate the event management process and to ensure the safety and well being of the members of the campus community. The policies listed in the Event Management Handbook define guidelines necessary to improve student organization planning as well as the quality of campus programs and events. The University of Maryland at College Park prides itself on establishing, maintaining, and encouraging a rich array of co-curricular activities. Higher education encompasses experiences both in and out of the classroom. Helping students get involved in the life of the University as spectators, participants and leaders is the mission of the Stamp. We encourage organizations to develop events that enhance a sense of community, appreciate diversity and honor tradition. We hope that your experiences with planning and participating in co-curricular activities are enjoyable and rewarding.

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