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Mission Statement

To build and maintain a community of veteran and military-connected students, staff, faculty, and alumni at the University of Maryland that collectively supports the transition from military life to civilian college. Together, the community provides opportunities for development along the 8 Dimensions of Wellness throughout the UMD experience empowering students to develop a renewed sense of purpose and significance during and after their time at the University of Maryland.

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Update: Grab-and-Go Food Options Only, Indoor Masking Mandate Remains in Effect

Effective immediately, all food and beverages purchased at the STAMP Food Court and other vendors have transitioned to grab-and-go, carry-out only, following UMD campus directives. Dine-in services are suspended until further notice. Thank you for your continued cooperation. 

STAMP also continues to follow the University mandate for mask wearing indoors for ALL (vaccinated and unvaccinated). Should any campus, state and/or national requirements change, this notice will be updated.    

  • Entrances: All entrances into the building are open. Note posted building hours.
  • Masks/Face Coverings: In compliance and coordination with public health guidance, COVID-19 data, and our county mandates, the University of Maryland will now require masks to be worn indoors by ALL, regardless of vaccination status. For unvaccinated individuals, masks are also required while outdoors in crowded spaces.
  • Seating in Common Areas: Full operations have returned, and open seating has been arranged in lounge areas. Note: Dine-in food/beverage at the Food Court and other public spaces is suspended until further notice. If you are unvaccinated, regardless of exemption status, please be seated 6 feet from others.

STAMP continues to provide a safe space for the community with safety and cleaning/disinfecting protocols guided by the CDC as well as university, state, and county recommendations or requirements. 



Getting Involved

  • (1) Get access to the University of Maryland Veteran Center: The new Veterans Center is located in 1112 Cole Field House. Thanks to a generous donation from Board of Trustee member Gordon England, the space is exclusively available for student veterans. Come spend time with each other while on campus, get a free cup of coffee, watch TV, use our computers and print for free, or study. You can get access to the Veteran Center by going to Fill out and submit the form along with your supporting documentation.
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