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SORC Finance

SORC Finance Office staff assists student organizations with the management of Student Government Association (SGA) allocated funds. Additionally, SORC Finance Office staff provide advice and support to all registered student organizations to develop budget and fundraising strategies, open an organizational bank account or provide any other assistance related to the financial operations of your organization.


During the Summer semester, SORC Finance is happy to serve student organizations of the University of Maryland, College Park from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment with our representatives outside of these hours or on weekends, please email us in advance at

SORC Finance Terplink Page

SORC Finance Terplink Page

Visit the SORC Finance Terplink Page to learn how to manage your Student Organization's funds.

SORC Finance TerpLink Page
SORC Finance Manual

SORC Finance Manual

Learn more about how student organizations function at the University of Maryland.

SORC Finance Access manual
SGA Finance Website

SGA Finance

Visit the SGA Finance website to learn about the budget and funding process for your Student Organization.

SGA Finance Website

Below is a recording of a virtual workshop that provides the basic knowledge of how student organizations function at the University of Maryland and it encompasses key components that are needed to start and fund a new student organization.

Press Financing a Student Organization 101.

Contact Us  


Phone: 301-314-7158

In-person: Student Involvement Suite, Ground floor - Adele H. Stamp Union, UMD, College Park

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