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  • Contracts are legally binding agreements between the individual/vendor that you are paying and the university on behalf of your organization because university funds are being used to pay for the service.
  • Student groups should never sign a contract on behalf of the university.
  • Contracts are used to pay for goods/services/persons that you are “borrowing” or renting.
  • Payment to the individual/vendor will not be approved until the date(s) of service has passed as indicated on the contract.

​​​​​Examples of when you should submit a contract request are:

  • Paying a speaker or performer(s) for an event
  • Renting audio or video equipment for an event
  • Paying an individual or company to provide DJ, audio, video or other services for an event

Contract guidelines:

  • Please submit the request at least 14 days in advance or else our office will not be able to process it in time
  • Need to have event approval
  • Required items/ information:
    • Student group Contact information
    • Vendor Contact information
    • An updated W-9 from the Vendor signed within the last 6 months
    • A detailed description of what service the vendor/ performer will provide
    • Event Details (Time frame, if any intermissions, In-person/ hybrid platform)
    • Program Type *can be found directly from your group's ledger
    • Subcode *can be found directly from your group's ledger

If you have all the required information for a Contract, please head to:

  • TerpLink > SORC Finance Office > Forms > Contract Request form.

Please see the Step-by-Step Contract Request Form Video on how to fill out a Contract Request Form on Terp Link.

  1. SORC Finance has transitioned to Adobe Sign. You should receive an email from Adobe Sign with instructions on reviewing and acknowledging the contract.
  2. Upon your acknowledgment in Adobe Sign, the contract will automatically be forwarded to the vendor and they will be prompted to read and sign it. Please make sure your group and vendor acknowledge and sign the contract at least five (5) days prior to the date of service. 
  3. Failure to acknowledge and sign the contract in Adobe sign before the service/ event occurs will result in your contract being rejected by the State of Maryland’s Accounts office which will leave your group liable for all costs
  4. The contract payment process ends the day of your event listed on the contract. After this date, the service is considered rendered, and a check will be mailed to the vendor within 42 days.
  1. The contract holds the individual/vendor legally responsible to the conditions of the contract. 
  2. If your organization believes that the individual/vendor did not fulfill any or all of the conditions of the contract, you should notify SORC in writing immediately. The university will then work with the individual/vendor to determine whether they should receive payment.
  3. NEVER sign any contract/agreement on behalf of your student group when using university funds as students are not authorized to commit funds on behalf of the university. Doing so could make you personally liable for the payment.
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