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Self-Generated Revenue

Self-Generated Revenue (SGR) is funding that an SGA-recognized group has received from an on-campus department (outside of the SGA). Examples of SGR are:

  • Pepsi Grant (
  • UMD Lauch (
  • Concessions from working at a UMD athletic event (
  • SEE Review Board Funding (
  • Rise Above Grants
  • University Career Center: Fall & Spring Career Fair Funding
    • At the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester student groups with approved KFS accounts will be emailed to indicate their interest in working at the Career Fairs
    • Student groups' KFS payments will be based on the number of hours each group member volunteers
  • Do Good Challenge (
  • The Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship's Spark Fund (
    • The Spark Fund provides a unique chance for student clubs to receive funding up to $500 - 600 to host an impactful entrepreneurial event or meetup on campus, while also offering the chance to showcase the core essence of your club.
  • Donations/Grants/Contributions from University Departments
    • If a university department is transferring funds to your account, it can take up to a month for the funds to appear in your KFS account
    • To expedite access to those funds, the university department can email SORC ( notifying them that the transfer has been initiated. They must include in the email:
      • A copy of the official KFS transfer form from the department’s business office

Acceptable Uses for SGR

  • SGR is not subject to SGA restrictions or caps. Some examples of items that are prohibited by SGA but can be purchased with SGR are:
    • Food
    • Items that will be sold by the group
    • Items that are considered giveaways and/or of personal benefit such as t-shirts for individual members, promotional items, etc.
    • Lodging 
  • SGR is subject to State of Maryland and university restrictions. Prohibited items include (but are not limited to):
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco products
    • Gift cards
    • Donations to charitable organizations
  • Purchases and expenditures using SGR must be able to be managed using existing SORC processes as outlined in this training. These processes are:
    • Internal Service Requests
    • Purchase Orders
    • Contracts
    • Travel Expenses
  • SGR is deposited into your account with SORC, if one already exists.
    • Student organizations must have received funding from the SGA in order to be given a university account with SORC. 
    • SORC cannot create accounts for organizations whose sole funding comes from SGR. 
    • Please note that if your group does not have an account with SORC, you must work with the department that is allocating the money to help you spend it. 
  • If you are the President or Treasurer of a group that only has SGR (no SGA funds) funds in your account, you are still required to complete our SGA Financial Officer Training.
  • State of Maryland and University of Maryland spending processes as outlined in the SGA Financial Officers training and this manual apply to SGR as well. 
  • You can never withdraw funds from your SGR, nor can you transfer SGA funds into your SGR. 
  • You are not permitted to deposit non-university funds into your SORC account without prior authorization from SORC. 
  • SGR can remain in your organization’s SORC account from year-to-year. However, groups whose accounts remain inactive for three years will be closed and any SGR in the account at that time will be transferred to the SORC operating account.
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