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Purchase Order

A Purchase Order also called a P.O. is a promise to an individual/vendor that they will receive payment from the State of Maryland within thirty (30) days of receiving proof (an invoice) that the items/goods were received.  

P.O.s are used to initiate payments to off-campus vendors for the purchase of products that will be kept by the group.

Examples of when you should submit a Purchase Order request include (but are not limited to):  

  • Office supplies
  • Decorations/costumes/supplies for an event  
  • Subscription for a continuous service  
  • Marketing materials
  • Name of the Student Organization
  • Student Organization contact information
  • Vendor name
  • Vendor's W-9
  • Items to be purchased (price, quantity, description, etc.)
  • Total cost (including item cost, shipping cost, and any other applicable cost)
  • Program type
  • Sub-code
  • Date items are needed by

Once you have collected all the required information, head to: TerpLink > SORC Finance Office > Forms > Purchase Order Request

  • Please see the video on how to fill out a PO Request.
  • Upon successful completion and submission of this form, your group will be emailed a PO within fourteen (14) days.  
    • Purchase Orders over $5000 require an extended process taking at least 30 days. These are not easily approved and require a separate bidding process.
  • Submit your PO request at least 14 days notice to ensure SORC Finance’s processing time, shipping times, and any unexpected delays.
  • Purchase Orders over $5000 require an extended process taking at least 30 days. These are not easily approved and require a separate bidding process. 
  • It is the responsibility of the student organization to ensure that the vendor accepts PO as a form of payment.
  • Purchase orders are tax-exempt.  
  • The PO emailed to your group must be taken to the vendor and will serve as your payment. 
  • Make sure your vendor sends an invoice to the Accounts Payable department and they will be mailed a check from the State of Maryland forty two (42) business days after the Accounts Payable Office receives the invoice.
  • The vendor must EMAIL the final invoice to Accounts Payable (, and copy SORC Finance ( 
  • Your vendor will not receive payment until Accounts Payable has received an official invoice.
    • ​​​​​​​See invoice specifications in the tab below
  • Failure to provide an invoice could result in the suspension of your organization’s account and/or loss of future funding from the SGA.
  • Requirements:
    • The word “Invoice”
    • The vendor’s name and remittance address for payment
    • The name and address on the invoice must match the address on the W-9 or they will be rejected by the university’s Accounts Payable Office delaying payment to the vendor  
    • The date the invoice was generated 
    • The University of Maryland as the “Bill to” address, using Accounts Payable’s address, as shown on the sample invoice below
    • The PO number
    • The PO must be included with the invoice
    • A breakdown of items purchased or services rendered with unit and cost
    • A total cost
  • Sample invoice
    • Sample Invoice
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