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Please contact the SORC Finance travel coordinator at with any travel-related questions.

Student organizations using SGA or SGR funds for travel-related expenses will be required to complete an online training. 

  • Travel-related expenses include:
    • Rental of university-owned vehicles
    • Airfare
    • Charter bus rental
    • Trains
    • Out-of-state conference/registration fees - even if NOT using SGA/SGR funds for the travel expenses
  • The University of Maryland’s Travel Policy governs travel for activities or events that are sponsored by a registered student organization and authorized by the University of Maryland. 
  • Travel authorization requests must be submitted and approved prior to travel so the university can properly manage liability issues for student organization travel and ensure compliance with university travel policies. 
  • Student organization travel must relate to the purpose of the organization and comply with the policies outlined in the required training and in the SORC Financial Services Manual.
  • Detailed instructions on making arrangements for travel-related expenses can be found in the SORC Financial Services Manual.
  • Collect emergency contact information for all student travelers PRIOR to submitting the Travel Request.
  • If you are planning on renting cars or vans from UMD Motor Transportation Services, there is a LIMITED number of vehicles so groups are encouraged to submit their requests as far in advance as possible to increase the potential vehicle availability. 
    • If there are no available vehicles from UMD, SORC cannot rent vehicles from a non-university rental agency.

The travel request form can be found under the forms section of the SORC Finance Office Page. The presidents and/or treasurers need to be part of the SORC Finance page and complete the travel training to complete the travel request form.

  • Submit the Travel Request form in the SORC Finance Office TerpLink page portal a minimum of twenty one (21) days in advance.
  • Submit all required supporting documentation a minimum of seven (7) days in advance.
  • Information required for all travel requests includes:
    • Name(s) Emergency contact information for all travelers
    • The Emergency Contact Information form can be found under “Forms” in the SGA Financial Officers portal
    • Travel Dates
    • Destination(s)
    • List of all students traveling 
    • Detailed Itinerary
      • If requesting airfare/rail tickets - estimate of cost and flight/train number
    • Lodging arrangements and EXACT address for lodging.
    • Purpose of the trip


  • University policy requires the following for travel expenses over $5,000:
    • Requests must be submitted a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days in advance
    • Cost quotes from at least three (3) companies for the desired expense including the preferred provider.
    • A detailed explanation from the student organization as to why they wish to use the preferred provider.
    • While cost is usually the deciding factor when choosing a travel provider, you should provide all other reasons for choosing that provider such as their ability to meet the specific needs of the organization, customer reviews, location (if funds are being requested for lodging, the location of the lodging relative to the organizations’ activities or safety concerns of the surrounding community) or any other relevant information.


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