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About Us

The University of Maryland, College Park has over 650 student organizations on campus, ranging from athletic clubs, cultural organizations, social fraternities/sororities, academic honorary societies, and career-focused organizations. Our office serves the purpose of supporting students through their involvement in student organizations.

A number of resources are available through our office to assist registered student organizations in their success, including free space to meet, free printing and digital advertising, locker rentals, and training and workshops. We have staff who work with SGA-funded student organizations in addition to staff dedicated to supporting leadership development in Maryland student organizations.

SORC programs the annual First Look Fair and Second Look Fair and provides other opportunities programmatically and online to connect students to the right organization for them. TerpLink, our student organization database, allows you to search for organizations that meet your interests and find their contact information to get involved. TerpLink can be your gateway to involvement at the University of Maryland! Create a TerpLink account to learn about student organization events, communicate with organization leaders, participate in campus-wide polls and discussions, and much more!

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