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Student Leaders,


On behalf of the SORC staff, we hope this email finds you and yours healthy and well. We want to provide updated information about how we are currently operating and how we can continue to provide support to your organization. 


As of Wednesday, March 18, the campus is open and operating with reduced services. Stamp will be closed at least until March 29 and will then reassess given current information. SORC is committed to having staff working remotely to maintain normal business operations. 


Our office relies on a number of different external agencies and departments to facilitate payment requests on behalf of student organizations. Those agencies/departments may be experiencing their own obstacles at this time which impacts our ability to make decisions about how to move forward. In light of this, we are closing all of our payment request forms and managing your requests on a case-by-case basis. If you have payments that are due or Purchases that need to be made, please email us with the details at and we will respond within one (1) business day.


Some important things to note:


  • All university funded travel has been suspended until at least May 11, 2020. If your organization has received funding for travel but arrangements have not yet been made with the SORC Financial Services Office, those funds will remain in your account. If updates to travel restrictions are made AFTER the 60 day period, SORC staff will notify you regarding the status of these funds.
  • All on-campus events have been canceled through at least April 10, 2020. If you contracted your event through Stamp Event & Guest Services and you have already made payments towards your reservation(s), those funds will be refunded to your account. If you contracted with a different venue and have not been contacted by them, you should reach out to them directly to see if you will receive a credit or a refund.
  • Please note that the event cancellation deadline may be extended past April 10 and will be determined by the current State of Emergency for Maryland at that time. As of today, Governor Hogan has prohibited meetings and gatherings of more than 10 people with no stated end date. If the State of Emergency is still in effect on April 10, the university will be required to comply with all current restrictions.
  • If your organization received funding for the purchase of items, we may still be able to approve the purchase or make the purchase on behalf of your organization. University guidelines currently require that all items purchased with university funds be shipped to an on-campus address which, at this time, we cannot comply with. We are awaiting guidance from the university to determine whether that restriction can be lifted and if we can arrange shipment to personal addresses.
  • If you received funds to pay for a contractual service for an event or activity that has not yet been canceled, we will manage those requests on a case-by-case basis. Currently the university requires that all contracts must be submitted with original ink signatures. If the campus continues to operate remotely, we may not be able to comply with that requirement and are awaiting a response from the university on whether it will be waived. Additionally, we are hesitant to initiate a contract for an event or activity that may ultimately be canceled.
  • If you have a payment due for an on-campus service or purchase, we should be able to work directly with the providing department to manage the payment on your behalf.
  • SGA requires that all unused funds for a given year be returned to the SGA. If the university continues to operate remotely through the end of the spring semester, we will work with the SGA to see if those funds can remain in group’s accounts for the next academic year.

We regret the inconvenience to your organization due to any of these restrictions and will continue to update you as we learn to adjust to changing circumstances.

Stay safe and healthy.


SORC Financial Services staff assist student organizations with the management of Student Government Association (SGA) allocated funds. Additionally, SORC Financial Services staff provide advice and support to all registered student organizations to develop budget and fundraising strategies, open an organizational bank account or provide any other assistance related to the financial operations of your organization.


The SORC Financial Services Manual provides detailed information regarding all of our services including how to access your SGA allocated funds, the travel policies and procedures related to student organizations who are using their SORC funds to cover those expenses as well as how to open a bank account for your organization. A link to the manual is provided below.


SORC Financial Services Manual


SORC Financial Services staff are available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and are happy to assist all registered student organizations with their financial needs. To contact us:

Call us at 301-314-7158

Email us at

Visit us doing our operating hours