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The MICA Community Organizing Student Interns (COSI) provide support to various staff members that will assist in the development of educational, programmatic, and research initiatives to support the office’s mission and goals under the supervision of the full-time Program Management Specialist.

Cross Cultural Program Fund

The Cross-Cultural Program Fund is a resource for students interested in planning and/or participating in cross-cultural learning experiences. The Cross-Cultural Program Fund encourages a creative and collaborative spirit among students and student groups. In addition to financial support, MICA staff members are willing to work with those requesting funds to develop ideas and assist in forming partnerships with other students or student groups.

Food For Thought Lunches

Throughout the year MICA hosts monthly casual lunch programs/presentations that support our mission and both inform and engage the campus community in conversation. Heritage month programs or University-wide initiatives are often used in the selection of program topics, and UMD faculty and staff are also invited to present their research or to talk about program offerings sponsored by their offices.


MOSAIC is a two-day, one-night weekend retreat focused on exploring the relationship between diversity and leadership. Interactive sessions and group discussions are designed to create an environment for individuals to examine their identity and how it influences their understanding of and approach to leadership.


TOTUS (whole, all, total, complete, every part, all together, all at once) is a credit-bearing experience that will help you explore marginalized identities and silenced voices in and through poetry to spark dialogue and action around identity, social justice and lived experience. The underlying goal of TOTUS is to promote a greater understanding of social justice through spoken word poetry by examining self and society in relation to systems of power and inequality.

Inclusive Language

The words you use may have an impact on others. Consider the power of your words as you choose what to say, and consider different ways that you can communicate the same message. If you are offended by someone's language, engage them in a discussion. Ask them what they really meant by what they said. Together, sharing each other's stories, we can help others see the power of their words.


The MICA Vision Plan (MVP) encourages and recognizes excellence among cultural student organizations in the areas of scholarship, personal development, identity development, organizational development, leadership development, community development, community service & service learning as well as cross cultural involvement.

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