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Leadership Courses offered through MICA

The Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy [MICA] Office, in addition to other co-curricular educational activities, also offers credited coursework. MICA collaborates with the Office of Campus Programs as well as the College of Education - Department of Counseling and Personnel Services to bring you the following courses listed below. Click on the course title to link to more information. 

The College of Education also offers a minor in leadership studies. More information about the minor can be found here

HESI (EDCP) 418A/AAST498I Asian American Pacific Islander Leadership

This course will offer students the opportunity to think critically about leadership in relation to the AAPI identity. We will explore how specific traditional Asian familial/cultural values, racism, history, and society have interacted to shape leaders and leadership. 

The course will also focus on critical issues facing AAPI student activists/leaders on the UMD campus and provide a “training” of sorts for AAPIs to develop leadership, activism and managerial skills. We will begin by exploring general leadership theories. Then we will set the stage by first understanding where we are and where we have come from and what/who exactly is it that we are leading. Then we will move on to practical skills and knowledge that student leaders/activists should possess. Finally, we will broaden the picture and go into issues affecting AAPIs as you move from being leaders on campus to leaders in society. 

First and foremost, however, we will use this class as an opportunity to raise awareness about our own personal histories and values and how they contribute to our own leadership styles. Therefore, personal and group reflection will be an important feature of this course. Lastly, this course will also provide a forum for a dynamic exchange/dialogue of ideas for AAPI student leaders on campus.

HESI (EDCP) 418B Black Leadership

Students enrolled in this class examine the effect of race and ethnicity on leadership. Specifically, they explore the concepts and differing meanings of "leader and leadership" within the African-American community and society at large.

HESI (EDCP) 418C Latina/o/x Leadership

Students enrolled in this class will have the opportunity to examine how Latin@ identity impacts leadership style. Students will study issues of activism, culture and history as they relate to leadership and Latin@ culture.

HESI (EDCP) 418D LGBT Leadership

In this course students will explore several different aspects of leadership within the LGBT community, as well as being an LGBT leader. Students will be challenged to think about their role as a leader in addition to gaining knowledge of the history and theory of LGBT leadership.

HESI (EDCP) 418K Leadership and Intersecting Identities: Stories of the MULTI racial/ethnic/cultural Experience

You will be offered the opportunity to explore leadership in connection with multi racial ethnic/cultural identities and/experiences utilizing an interdisciplinary narrative approach (i.e. storytelling).

Topics will include: leadership theories & styles, interracial/cultural relationships, transracial & transnational adoption, the multi family, media representations of multi individuals and families, the multiracial movement & academia, the history of racialization in the U.S., racial identity development, processes of "othering," acceptance and the politics of claiming, and passing & accenting.

The University of Maryland is one of the nation’s most academically challenging and diverse public institutions. Maryland’s rich diversity affords students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the people and cultures that make up our country and the world. Students can learn about diversity both inside and outside of the classroom. We urge you to take advantage of this great opportunity to connect with the staff in the Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy [MICA] Office.

We invite you to visit us in Suite 1120 in the Stamp Student Union, or e-mail us at or call 301-314-8600 to learn more about diversity and student involvement at the University.

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