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MICA provides advising, resources and support to student organizations that serve the Asian American Pacific Islander, Black, Latino/a/x, Native American Indian, Bi/Multiracial & Ethnic, Interfaith & Spiritual Diversity, LGBTQ+, and Middle Eastern Communities. Additionally, MICA serves all other student organizations interested in organizing around issues related to identity, diversity and multiculturalism* (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion and their intersections). Staff from MICA can assist organizations with leadership development, membership recruitment, program planning, goal setting, and a variety of other issues dealing with organizational development.


Staff members in MICA can assist individual students in discovering and addressing issues of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and culture. MICA staff members are student development specialists who can help students make the transition to college by assisting them with their academic, career and personal goals and concerns.


Let MICA assist your organization by helping you rediscover your organization’s mission and purpose, establish a plan of action, recruit and retain members, as well as, assist with your organization’s leadership development and program planning. MICA staff can also help you identify and locate campus resources.


If you are planning a program on identity, diversity, and/or multiculturalism*, let MICA’s staff help you to locate resources, avoid pitfalls, as well as inform you of the current research and practices in these areas. MICA staff members are also happy to assist you with other types of programs.

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