TOTUS: Spoken Word Experience



ARHU 319 C: TOTUS (whole, all, total, complete, every part, all together, all at once) Spoken Word Experience is a unique course that explores structural inequality and centers marginalized identities in and through poetry to spark dialogue and action focused on dismantling, reimagining, and creating a more equitable and accessible global community. By participating in TOTUS you will have the opportunity to examine self and society through artistic expression while fostering meaningful relationships with classmates of all different backgrounds. This is a small dialogue-based course with a familial feel. *No prior experience with poetry, performance, or art is required. 

The TOTUS course meets biweekly. To learn more about past students' experiences you can view student E-Portfolios HERE.   

History: TOTUS Spoken Word Experience is the spoken-word component of the campus-wide, multidimensional, and collaborative INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE CAMPAIGN (ILC) launched Fall 2012 by the Department of Resident Life (DRL) and the Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA) office at the University of Maryland, College Park. As of Fall 2020 the course is housed under the Jiménez-Porter Writers' House with continued programatic support from MICA.

Graduate students are welcome! TOTUS focuses on community-based learning and you will have the opportunity to serve as a facilitator throughout the semester. 

NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE required- in fact many TOTUS alumni did not have any prior performance art experience and students from a variety of majors have taken the course.

The Fall 2020 course will be held biweekly on Mondays from 6-8PM virtually. To register for TOTUS (ARHU 319C) please contact Johnna Schmidt to be cleared. *Writer’s House Students should be able to register without being cleared.

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