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The Student Organization Resource Center offers a number of resources to assist registered student organizations in their efforts. The three subheadings on the left menu bar, “Student Involvement Suite,” “Marketing and Advertising,” and “Consulting and Development” go in depth into all of the services that our office can provide to you and yours.


SORC Icebreaker Guide

Do you need some ideas for icebreakers? SORC developed an icebreaker guide to help guide your student organization's meetings and events. From icebreakers for initial introductions to icebreakers to building energy - check them out here!


Two hazing prevention resources are available through the Office of Student Conduct. The first is an "anonymous ask" form, which is a way for students to get feedback on if a certain activity would be considered hazing. The page with information on this resource can be found here. The second is an anonymous online reporting form, which can be found at