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Terrapin Leadership Institute

The Terrapin Leadership Institute (TLI) is a five week-long leadership development program tasked to guide students across campus—through hands-on activities and critical dialogue—in discovering who they are as leaders and becoming confident with tangible leadership skills and strategies that can be applied to their everyday lives. The workshop is a low-commitment, high intensity series that is meant to accommodate the student's busy schedule. There is no cost to participate in TLI! 



TLI will take place virtually Fall 2020!


Sessions will take place starting the week of 

September 28th to the week of October 26th 


TLI Introductory Track (5 weeks): Intro engages participants in topics such as leadership styles, ethics, identity, collaboration and communication to help them develop a more complex understanding of the sequential nature of leadership—self-leadership, effective teamwork, and practicing socially responsible leadership in one’s community. This track is perfect for emerging leaders! No prior formal leadership experience necessary! 

TLI for College Park Scholars Track (5 weeks): Uniquely for the College Park Scholars Living-Learning Program, this introduction to leadership will allow students to develop their personal leadership styles within a Scholars-specific context. This track is held in the Cambridge Community Center (CCC) and centers dialogue on the shared goals/mission of the TLI and College Park Scholars programs.

TLI Plus Track (5 weeks): Designed for those who have previous exposure to leadership theory, styles, and experiences, the TLI Plus track examines advanced leadership topics. Activities and dialogue center on authority and power, conflict management, personal and group responsibility, and sustainability. This is beneficial for students who are currently in leadership roles, or who are seeking to take on roles in the future. ***NOTE: Participants MUST have completed a previous Maryland LEAD program (TLI Intro, Maryland Leadership Conference, Summit, or Turtle Camp) or hold a leadership role on campus to register for this track.



Benefits of Participating

There are many benefits to participating in the Terrapin Leadership Institute. Each participant receives the opportunity to receive the following:

  • Swag. A colorful TLI t-shirt and certificate of completion 
  • Letter of Recommendation. Receive a personalized letter from your peer facilitator(s) outlining your performance and skills developed through TLI. This can be used when apply for jobs, internships, as well as campus or community organizations!
  • Resume Workshop. Following TLI, you will be offered a session on the best way to include TLI on your resume and how to best communicate the learning and knowledge gained through TLI. 
  • Community. By participating in TLI, you are joining a community of life-long learners and leaders. You'll be able to meet and network with campus leaders with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and future goals. It's a great place to start building your network and form lasting relationships. 

Sign Up

Registration for TLI Fall 2020 opens August 27th!