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Frequently Asked Questions about TLI

When does the Terrapin Leadership Institute (TLI) take place?

Registration for TLI begins the first week of classes. Sessions begin the approximately 4-5 weeks after classes begin and conclude five weeks later. Check the TLI home page for session times and topics. 

Who is eligible to participate in TLI?

The TLI Introduction to Leadership and TLI Plus tracks are open to all University of Maryland students. Both undergraduate or graduate students are welcome to participate. 

Review the TLI track information to find the experiences and time that best meets your needs. 

What is the cost of TLI?

TLI is completely free of charge to all students and staff at the University of Maryland.

What is a track? Are there differences between each track?

A TLI track refers to a particular 5-6 week series. The approach of the Terrapin Leadership Institute is to focus on  the skills and practices essential to socially responsible leadership. 

Can I participate in multiple tracks?

Students can participate in one TLI track per semester but are welcome to return in future semesters for different track offerings. Many of our students to complete the Introductory TLI track return for the TLI Plus track. 

Where can I register?

Registration is available at the beginning of each semester on our TerpLink page

How will I benefit from attending TLI?

TLI recognizes leadership as learnable skills and practices that can be developed in all people. Since we meet one day per week, TLI allows for long-term learning, but is unique in its design to accommodate to your busy schedule: sessions are just 1.5 hours of highly engaging, meaningful learning experiences that give students tangible takeaways to improve their leadership ability on a daily basis. 

How can I become a facilitator for TLI?

TLI facilitators are trained student leaders in the Maryland LEAD program. For more information, visit the Get Involved page. 

How do I contact the TLI planning team?

Contact us at 

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