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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maryland LEAD?

Maryland LEAD offers students opportunities to engage in unique leadership learning experiences that complement and enhance the academic, involvement, career, and community-centered experiences at the University of Maryland. These opportunities include workshops, presentations, conferences, and retreats that focus on understanding and practicing leadership for positive change.

Who can participate in a Maryland LEAD Program?

Any student enrolled at UMD can participate in a Maryland LEAD program. Students to do not need formal leadership experience or a positional role to participate. Our programs are based on the idea that each individual possesses leadership capacity. The only necessary traits are the motivation to learn, willingness to engage with oneself and others, and active participation in the community through the practice of leadership.

Why should I participate in a Maryland LEAD Program?

There are numerous benefits to participating in a leadership development program. Several of the top reasons include:

  • Develop leadership skills through dynamic experiences
  • Discover your potential and increase your confidence
  • Learn about socially responsible leadership
  • Gain valuable career preparation to reflect on your resume

When are programs offered?

Maryland LEAD programs are offered year round, including summer! For more information on upcoming opportunities, visit our Google Calendar.

Is there a cost to participate?

Most leadership program opportunities are complete free and include all materials. Several programs do carry a participation fee. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the cost and requirements of a program before signing-up. Many programs also have a cancellation fee in the event a person cancels without appropriate notification. All participants are encouraged to review the cancellation policies prior to enrolling in a program. 

I am looking for someone to provide a leadership training for my student group or class. Can you help?

Yes. The Maryland Lead Programs staff and trained student facilitators regularly provide groups workshops, presentations, and programs on variety of leadership-related topics. If you are interested in more information on specific on outreach opportunities, Complete an TLI To-Go Program Request.

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