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md lead conference

What is Maryland Leadership Conference?

leadership conference

The Maryland Leadership Conference is a developmental half-day experience for new and intermediate leaders with a focus on Sustainable Leadership. Designed to enhance your group leadership skills and provide networking opportunities with fellow leaders at UMD, this retreat will develop participants efficacy in leading others through their formal and informal leadership roles.

Still wondering if MLC is right for you? Here's some more information to help you make your decision!

What do I get by attending MLC?

  • Completion Certificate
  • Conference Swag: T-shirt, workbook, water bottle and more
  • Opportunity to network with other campus student leaders from various organizations and backgrounds
  • Engaging hands-on activities with real world applications
  • Gain experience and leadership to demonstrate in professional and academic setting.

April 12th 12:00p - 5:30pm

Adele Stamp Student Union

Who should attend MLC?

  • Student organization members and exec teams (or those who hope to hold a leadership position in a student org). Additionally, a great (and cost free) team development opportunity for newer teams and exec boards!
  • Any current UMD student, graduate or undergraduate, interested in getting more engaged in leadership on campus
  • Students who want to reflect on their own leadership in the context of groups, teams, and organizations

What is MLC?

  • A dialogue: 
    • This program is interactive and requires your participation. Facilitators are here as guides not to necessarily impart knowledge upon you. 
  • An exploration: 
    • Although Maryland LEAD has a perspective of what leadership looks like, your perspective of leadership and how you want to practice leadership in your communities is just as important. Leadership looks different for everyone. 
  • A process: 
    • You will not leave MLC as experts on leadership but you will gain the tools and skills you need to help you continue growing should you choose to do so. Leadership development is a continuous process.

What is MLC not?

  • A lecture 
  • A prescription
  • A master class


Here are the basics of what you need to know!

Dates: April 12th, 12:00pm - 5:30pm

Location: Adele Stamp Student Union

Dress: Casual (we'll be doing a lot of moving inside and outdoors)

Materials to Bring: A lightjacket (indoor temps vary), notebook (physical or electronic), a positive and open attitude!

Cost: FREE

Cancellation Policy

The MLC has a strict cancellation policy. Due to the nature of planning and financial resources invested, we ask that students are responsible and professional in their communication and commitment. In the event a student cannot attend, this requires the student to email a notice of their cancellation by April 8th to In the event a student does not cancel or attend, the student is charged a $50 cancellation fee. 

In it's 48th year... this year's conference will focus on Sustainable Leadership: creating systems that sustain development for one's self, team, and community. Additional themes and skills that include: Critical Thinking, Strategic Planning, Group Dynamics, Adaptability, Agency, Leadership Efficacy, Resilience, and Search for Purpose. 

*program schedule subject to change*


Time Session
12:00p Lunch, Welcome, & Introductions
12:40p MLEAD Delta & What is Sustainability and Generativity?

Breakout Session Block 1

Self: Personal Goal Setting

Group: Followers & Contributors - Turning Followers into Leaders

Org: Barnga - Analyzing Socialization of Group Norms

Community: Environmental Sustainability Practices for Leaders [Office of Sustainability]


Breakout Session Block 2

Self: Sustainability & Generativity Self Assessment

Group: When Generativity goes wrong

Org: Leadership Transitions & Student Org Dev Framework

Community: Sustaining & Maintaining Democracy: Democratic Engagement [TerpsVote]

2:45p Break

Breakout Session Block 3

Self: Inclusive Leadership

Group: Purpose & Mission Evalutation

Org: Strategic Planning 101

Community: Building Community Centric Leadership [Do Good]

3:45p Large Group Session
4:30p Dinner
5:15p Reflection & Closing

Nominate Students! We would love to have students from your Office/Department represented. When you nominate a student(s), we'll send them a personalized note letting them know the staff/faculty member and/or department/organization that nominated them. We will encourage them to sign up for MLC.  Fill out the brief form to nominate students you work with by clicking the Nominate button below

Nominate Here

Registration Closed April 8th, 2024

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