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About Maryland Mentor Corps

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Maryland Mentor Corps began in the Fall of 1997, when UMD became one of 20 universities to participate in the America Reads Challenge. More than 60 student mentors were recruited and placed in participating Prince George’s County elementary schools to work with first and second grade students, thus starting the Maryland Reading Program. 

Following the success of the America Reads Challenge, the Maryland Math Program was formed during the 2000-2001 academic year, and the Maryland Family Literacy Program was formed in the 2004-2005 academic year. 

Two community partnerships: the Higher Achievement Middle School Reading & Mentoring Program and the Latino Student Fund K-5 Tutoring Program, were established in the Fall of 2021, further expanding the community reach of the Maryland Mentor Corps. 

Our Goals

Maryland Mentor Corps (MMC) aims to: 

  • Provide a strong mentoring and tutoring experience for elementary school children in the Prince George’s County Public Schools, ultimately helping more children be successful in reading and math and reducing the impact of the achievement gap
  • Help University of Maryland students understand the complexities of public K through 12 education and empower them to be education advocates
  • Provide University of Maryland students with the opportunity for work experience, especially in the area of teaching, and provide professional development in teaching and leadership
  • Enhance the relationship between the University of Maryland and its home community, Prince George’s County 

Learn About Our Programs

Find information about the MMC mentoring programs:

Contact Us 

If you'd like to get in touch with Maryland Mentor Corps, feel free to email or call us using the information below: | (301) 314-7323

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