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Information Desk


The Information Desk is located on the first floor of the Stamp, next the the main entrance. The Information Desk strives to serve the diverse needs and interests of the campus community by offering information services about the facility and campus to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors. The Information Desk is staffed whenever the building is open, and can be reached at 301-314-DESK (3375).

The Information Desk offers the following resources/services:

  • Campus Maps
  • Campus Visitor's Guides
  • General STAMP information
  • Lost & Found
  • Assistance to disseminate information about the University
  • Accepting ISR event payment forms from student organizations
  • Adjacent to the Information Desk, a display of Shuttle-UM route maps (provided by DOTS)
  • For event clients, if you have issues or needs during your event, call or visit the Information Desk to get the appropriate assistance dispatched to your event location.



The Information Desk manages lost and found items for the STAMP. Items found on campus or in the STAMP can be brought to the Information Desk. Call or visit the Information Desk if you have lost an item; you must be able to specifically identify the lost item.  In order to retrieve a lost item you must also present a valid UMD ID or government issued ID. 

The lost and found is emptied at the end of each month, and items are discarded. Remaining valuable items are taken to UMPD campus police or discarded.

The University of Maryland Department of Public Safety also houses a lost and found.  To inquire about a lost item that may have ended up with UMPD, please visit the University of Maryland Police Department website or call at (301) 405-5730. 


Student organizations and campus departments are encouraged to advertise their events within the campus community.  The Stamp offers two (2) locations to place flyers and handbills advertising on-campus events. 

1: The Student Involvement Suite / SORC bulletin board

2: Bulletin board in the basement level of Stamp (across from Studio A)

For more ideas and options to advertise events in the Stamp, please visit

Flyers that are randomly posted on doors and walls throughout the building, or left on tables will be removed and discarded.


The STAMP has building maps located at every major entry to the building. There are also electronic displays throughout the building that include floor maps, a staff directory, and a listing of today's events, all of which is provided in three (3) languages.

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