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Veterans in the Media

In Remembrance

IN MEMORY OF 9/11. Thousands of U.S. flags were placed on the campus mall of the University of Maryland by a group to raise awareness for those who fought for our freedom and for those we lost on September 11, 2001. To see NBC's news coverage click here.

Posted by NBC Washington on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Team River Runner Chapter
Transition from military service to being a veteran at UMD:
StoryCorps at UMD

This story details the mission and stories hared from UMD student-veterans to an organization called StoryCorps, published by the Diamondback. Also, please see link to StoryCorps' website and their "Military Voice Initiative".

Battle Buddies 

University of MD student-veterans are helping other veterans transition into student life with a new program called Battle Buddies: Peer advisors for Veteran Education, published in the Diamondback

Learn about VSL Coordinator

Please read of recent story of Brian Bertges, VSL Coordinator published in The Diamondback on Sep 6, 2013.

UMD Veterans discuss their experiences as soldiers and students on the PBS NEWS HOUR 

At the ten year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, five University of Maryland student veterans describe their experiences in the military during the decade of war after 9/11, and their return to civilian life as students at The University of Maryland. Like many returning veterans, they find a divide between themselves and the greater population, for whom the wars often feel remote. 

More from PBS and Pew Research Center

Watch After Draftless Decade of War, Gap Seen Between Military, Civilians on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

The Pew Research Center Report about War and Sacrifice in the Post 9/11 Era discussed in the PBS segment.


On April 17, 2013, the "Veterans Full Employment Act of 2013" was signed into Maryland Law in effort to achieve full employment for Maryland veterans by 2015.

The Veterans Full Employment Act of 2013 removes certain barriers to employment that service members often face when making the transition from military service to the civilian work force. The bill also expedites the occupational and professional licensing process for military spouses when a military family moves to Maryland.

First Lady Michelle Obama, Governor O'Mally and Lt. Governor Brown among others got to hear from our very own Andrew Hite.  Andrew Hite, a UMD TerpVet was asked to introduce Ms. Obama who spoke at the signing.  Andrew also shared his own story as a 23-year Navy career Veteran who then survived an explosion that left him with a traumatic brain injury. He shared that that none of his military career training and experiences were deemed credit worthy in the college transfer process. Overcoming these profound challenges, we are proud to say that Andy Hite will be graduating in May. Thankfully, this new legislation will help make this transition easier for those in this situation going forth. 

Andy was joined by his family and Dr. Marsha Guenzler-Stevens, Director of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union - a steadfast advocate and leader for UMD's student Veteran population.

Click Photo Gallery to view photos from this event. 


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