Undocuterp Training

The UndocuTerp Training Series is a comprehensive three-hour training that will provide, staff and faculty with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively respond to the needs of undocumented students and their families at the University of Maryland (UMD). The training is divided into 3-1 hour sessions. Training times are TBD. 

How to get trained

Request a training for your team or entire department by emailing undoc@umd.edu with three suggested dates, length of training, size of group, and contact information. 


UndocuTerp Training Session I

                                                                                                                                                                                         Session one focuses on building an understanding around terminology, narratives, and the national legislative climate.


  1. Become familiar with some terminology used to talk about immigrants and undocumented students
  2. Learn about the good and bad immigrant narratives used during the past and current discourse on immigration
  3. Become familiar with a few types of migration and how some folks may become undocumented
  4. Learn about a few of the different historical moments and legislation that have created/led to the current situation

UndocuTerp Training Session II

.Session two focuses on Maryland State legislation and on the national legislative climate and work being done by the immigrant rights movement. Furthermore, it explores the different identities represented among the larger undocumented immigrant community.


  1. Explore the different identities, gifts, and joys represented among the larger undocumented immigrant community
  2. Learn about historical and current policies and programs at the national and state level that affect the undocumented immigrant community
  3. Learn about a few of the resources available for this student population at the University of Maryland, College Park



UndocuTerp Training Session III

Session three focuses on understanding the current questions and concerns raised by the immigrant community as well as the resources and practices currently available at the University of Maryland, College Park. This session also gives participants the opportunity to create individual goals and or become part of a project that will help make the University of Maryland, College Park more accessible to undocumented students and their families..





  1. Get a sense of the history of student activism and leadership at the University of Maryland, College Park
  2. Get a sense of the types of questions and resources the University of Maryland, College Park community members seek
  3. Learn and explore the ways that colleagues/units have made commitments to work with and for undocumented students at University of Maryland, College Park
  4. Understand the resources available to undocumented students/students part of mixed-status families at the University of Maryland, College Park
  5. Create an individual action plan that will help increase the awareness of resources on campus



Take a look at what some colleagues have said about the training:

“Thank you again for the great training series! Please pass along to the student facilitator that they were wonderful; seeing students like them take leadership roles on campus makes me feel really fortunate to work on a campus with such a great student population.”

“Your presentation was incredible. I found it both edifying and enlightening!”

"The advising community really loved your presentations. It was informative and so helpful in advising students.”

Thank you so much for the UndocuTerp training series this year! I found it really valuable and thought the activities were interesting, engaging, and really effective for helping me learn!”

For more information, email undoc@umd.edu.

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