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LGBTQ+ Student Involvement & Advocacy


A figure with one towel around their hair and another wrapped around their chest is holding a cigarette to their lips. White and red text reads: "A Home for My Heart. [Bangla text]. Hridoy Bosot. Tuesday March 14. 2pm. Pyon Su Room. Stamp Student Union. A film by Sankhajit Biswas featuring Suvana Sudeb. Bengali (with English subtitles) 63 minutes."

A Home for My Heart

A Home for My Heart (Hridoy Basat) is a Bangla film with English subtitles that tracks the journeys of Sudeb Suvana, a trans feminine person. She thinks that her heart will find home in her body after gender affirmation surgery, but the process also reveals subtle shifts in her relationships with her partner, her parents and her brother. Is the quest for the perfect home for our heart ever complete? The 63 minute film is directed by Sankhajit Biswas in collaboration with Suvana. This is the film's first screening in the US.

Tuesday 3/14 at 2pm in the Pyon Su Room (Stamp 2108)

Graphic of megaphone in front of rainbow stripes on the left; black text in front of grey background on the right. The text is repeated in the body of the paragraph next to this image.

Pride Month 2023: Love me Tender, Love me Queer

Call for Programs

We are asking for program submissions to be featured on the official Pride Month 2023 poster calendar! Please submit your program to the form linked below no later than  ̶F̶r̶i̶d̶a̶y̶,̶ ̶M̶a̶r̶c̶h̶ ̶1̶0̶t̶h̶ Tuesday, March 14 at 5pm to be featured on the Pride Month 2023 Calendar.

Graphic of bearded drag artist in pink and gold outfit holding a fan of peacock feathers with yellow text on top

Being Queen is My Resistance

This cabaret-style, one-person show blends storytelling, drag performance, dance, and video to weave together milestones in KaMani Sutra’s story of discovering their femininity while being an adult immigrant to the United States. It contrasts the freedom to express their true self in a foreign land with aesthetics and inspirations rooted in the richness of Indian drag. Interspersed with short performances and (consensual!) audience participation, KaMani’s lecture-performance-workshop challenges the myths of the model minority, binary gender, and colonizer saviorship. It is a celebration of intergenerational queerness, LGBTQ+ community, saris, mujras, divine femininity, and self-love.

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