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Multiracial & Transracial Adoptee Student Involvement

Welcome! Multiracial and Transracial Adoptee Student Involvement is dedicated to fostering the development of multiracial, multiethnic, and transracial adoptee identities. We encourage cross-cultural collaboration as well as the deconstruction of monoracism in our communities. Check out the links on the sidebar for resources and how to get involved!

Multiracial is an umbrella term for people with more than one racial identity or heritage. It can also be referred to as mixed-race. For example, someone with Asian and Black heritage might identify as biracial, which is under the multiracial umbrella.

Multiethnic specifically refers to people with more than one ethnic identity, who may also have one or more more racial identity. For example, someone with Japanese and Bangladeshi heritage would be multiethnic, even though they only have Asian racial identities. On the other hand, someone of Thai and Irish heritage would be both multiethnic and multiracial.

Transracial adoptees are individuals who have been adopted into a family with a different racial identity than their own. For example, an Asian individual adopted into a white family, or a white child raised by a Black family.

Monoracism is systemic social oppression that targets individuals who do not fit into monoracial (identifying as one race) categories, groups, or phenomena (Harris, 2016; Johnston & Nadal, 2010).

Contact our team:

Hana Zewdie, Coordinator for Multiracial and Transracial Adoptee Student Involvement:

Celeste Good, Graduate Coordinator for Multiracial and Transracial Adoptee Student Involvement:

Ava Lamberty, Multiracial Community Involvement Intern:

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