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Multiracial Heritage Month

Multiracial Heritage Month at UMD takes place every March, and is one of the first in the nation. We spend the month honoring the identities, stories, and histories of mixed-race, multiethnic, and transracial adoptee individuals. Scroll down for a full list of events! Follow @umdMICA on instagram to get the latest updates and announcements!

"I AM: Agency, Action, Autonomy"

March 2024 Multiracial Heritage Month Theme

This year's theme is about self-determination in terms of identity ("I get to decide who I am") and activism ("we get to decide who we are''). By boldly stating "I AM" we defy the pressure on multiracial and transracially adopted people to qualify and explain our identities in fractions and percentages, or using 'but's and 'however's. Multiracial and transracially adopted people are whole and full representations of all their respective identities - full stop. We also highlight agency, action, and autonomy to describe the fearsome power of multiraciality and transracial adoptees as agents of change and activists working towards building a more just world.

Multiracial is an umbrella term for people with more than one racial identity or heritage. It can also be referred to as mixed-race. For example, someone with Asian and Black heritage might identify as biracial, which is under the multiracial umbrella.

Multiethnic specifically refers to people with more than one ethnic identity, who may also have one or more more racial identity. For example, someone with Japanese and Bangladeshi heritage would be multiethnic, even though they only have Asian racial identities. On the other hand, someone of Thai and Irish heritage would be both multiethnic and multiracial.


Transracial adoptees are individuals who have been adopted into a family with a different racial identity than their own. For example, an Asian individual adopted into a white family, or a white child raised by a Black family.

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