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Find a place to stay

Even though TOCSL does not offer housing, we work closely with Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing offers resources to help secure off campus Housing:

  • OCH101 is an online searchable database for available housing. It helps you find place available in the Prince Georges County area. 
  • Roommate Finder matches your profile with potential roommates. it is available on the Off-Campus Housing website
  • There are also rental announcements available in the Stamp Student Union, in the glass case, between the bookstore and the Capital One Bank. 

If you would like personal assistance, please visit Off-Campus Housing at 0232 Stamp Student Union, or contact them at 301.314.3645, or email them at

Roommate Guidelines

Whether you live on or off-campus, there are important things you need to know and TOCSL is here for that!! 


Most of you will have a roommate and it is important to have a good relationship with this person and develop a community living agreement. 

Get to know your roommate

To be comfortable living with someone, it is important to get to know each other and have an open communication. Ask questions to get to know each other!

  • Tip#1 : Ask questions!

Get to know them. Its always a good idea to spend time to get to know their preferences, their origins, favorite activities.. Who knows? You may have something in common. Your roommate might be allergic to something you like to cook or might smoke but you don't! Asking questions helps to learn how to live together.



Once you have talked, you can now set up a plan! To avoid potential future conflicts with roommates its important to establish ground rules while living together. 

  • Tip#2 : Establish Guidelines to follow while you are living together!

Having a guideline can save you from a lot of trouble! Know your roommates preferences and together set up rules you will both follow. Can guests stay overnight? Will you be sharing food? Will you clean up after yourself or rotate cleaning? May you use personal items when the owner is not there? Important questions that will save you from troubles!!


Communicate with your roommate

THE most important!! Talking and listening to your roommates help create a strong relationship!

  • Tip#3 : Talk, listen and repeat!

Make time to have conversations. Be an active and genuine listener.  Depending on how close you become, telling your roommate whenever you sleeping out or coming back home late avoid the other being worried about you. Show your roommates that you care! 


The best way to have a good roommate is to BE a good roommate!

Things you need to know


Before signing your lease you need to:

  • Check out the complex website and schedule a tour of the property to have an idea of the place you might live in.
  • Check out the reviews left by other people, because people who work there are not always going to tell you everything.
  • Utilize the office of Undergraduate Legal Aid for assistance, YES you have a lawyer, and it's FREE for you.

 Conduct & Policies: 

You are a Terp now! Please be mindful that the code of conduct follows you wherever you go.

If you are living on campus, make sure you check out the housing policies BEFORE you move in. 



Many students experience "transfer shock" which is a tendency of students transitioning from one institution to another to experience effects ranging from health issues to social issues, during their first and/or second semesters at the new institution. Fortunately at Maryland, we have a host of services and programs available to support our students who find themselves impacted.

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