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New Transfer & Off Campus Students

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Transfer & Off-Campus Student Life (TOCSL) is here to help you have an amazing experience at the University of Maryland. Whether you are looking for ways to get involved, get access to university resources, or just meet other transfer and off-campus students, the TOCSL staff is excited to meet you and ready to help and support you during this journey! 

Here in Transfer & Off-Campus 101, you’ll find our recommendations and tips for navigating campus and learning what UMD has to offer for each of the areas below. While not exhaustive lists, these are some great starting points. Welcome to UMD!


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TOCSL 101: Living 

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TOCSL 101: Engaging


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Thank you for our current TOCSL students who shared their stories to new Transfer & Off-Campus students!! Below are some of the responses from our wonderful TOCSL TERPS!! 


1. Why did you choose UMD? 

"Coming from a low socioeconomic household, I am financial restrained from where I can venture off to receive my education. However, the University of Maryland is a great academic institution, with amazing people, whose goals are to make my dreams come true. I am truly lucky to be able to attend such a University."--Crystal

"In state tuition and one of the best Criminology programs in the country."--Karissa

"I chose UMD because of the diversity and the close distance to home and family. Choosing UMD helped me in realizing that greater things are coming my way. "--Celeste

"I chose UMD because of great academics and their athletics. Also, I like their faculty and professors and have a great research school. And i like networking for internships near Washington D.C."--Skylar


2. What is your favorite thing about UMD so far?

"My favorite thing about UMD so far is how inclusive it is. I think our university does a great job at making sure we have a diverse student body. I also really like that there are always events going on. These events are great ways to meet new people and find new interests. "--Allison

"There is always something to do, whether that be on campus or off campus."--Karissa

"My favorite things about UMD include the diversity, the celebration of life, education, and culture."--Miranda

"The friends and community."--Ian


3. What is a resource you've used to help you transition to UMD as a transfer student?

"My Transfer2Terp class; SORC and SEE; and The Chapel."--Celeste

"great resource to help transition to UMD is to following UMD organizations on social media, as well as, attend First Look Fair, Career Fair, and other major events."--Crystal

"Good Morning Commuters is a great way to meet other transfer students!"--Ben

"One resource that I have used to help me transition is peer mentoring programs. At first, I was undecided in my major and after talking to peer mentors at different offices around campus, I found something that really interested me. They talked to me about different traditions, classes, and events that UMD does and that really helped make my transition easier. I also really appreciate the peer mentors in the UMD career center because they have helped me with my resume and how to find internships and jobs. "--Allison

"Friends and classmates have been very helpful as well as the school website."--JoAnne


4. What is your best piece of advice for new transfer students? 

"You should go to the Learning Assistance Service for time management skills and Academic Coach in order to learn the best."--Skylar

"My best piece of advice for new transfer students is to get involved. Whether that be with clubs, work opportunities, attending sporting games, or going to events. There are so many clubs at UMD that I believe everyone could find something that interests them. It can be intimidating to attend an event or club meeting by yourself for the first time, but you will meet so many new people. "--Allison

"Asking for help when you need it. At first I was really confused but once I started asking people for help it made everything so much easier."--JoAnne

"Try to find a cohort or a group of people with similar interests or classes it makes your campus life a lot easier especially if you don’t live on campus or you’re a transfer student." --Miranda

"If being engaged in the campus community is important to you, you really need to take the initiative to put yourself out there. Check out different clubs, join academic and/or social groups, and find your group of people. "--Karissa



We All Know The Struggle...


Making friends and getting involved on campus as a transfer and/or off-campus student can be a bit of a challenge. This is why you should make sure to check out TerpLink, to connect with over 800 clubs and student organizations at UMD !


Also, don't forget that TOCSL office offer programs to engage and connect our transfer and off-campus students throughout the semester as well !! See here :)



  • Transfer and Off Campus Student Life is located in the Engagement Office, on the ground floor of the Adele H. Stamp, down the hall from Bookstore.
  • Contact us at 301-405-0986 or at


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