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Important Tips

Are you a new commuter student ?? Well we have a few tips to help you successfully get around campus.


Make sure you arrive on campus at least two hours before your first class! YES 2 hours!! You will be surprised by the number of people that utilize campus parking. 


Tour the campus and locate your classes before school starts. It will help you save time and know the distance between your classes.


If you are planning on driving to campus make sure to park at your designed parking lot to avoid being ticketed. Check out the DOTS transport website for more information.


Make sure you check out the schedule of the different ShuttleUM  available and download the NextBus App on your Iphone or Android.

Find yourself on campus

Have you heard about the App that can help you get around campus? It is called Campus Maps and it is available on Iphone and Android.  Follow this link to download it in your phone.

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