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Prepare for the Fair Spring 2022

Prepare for the Fair

Do you feel prepared for the Second Look Fair 2023? If not, no worries! SORC has you covered. Learn more about how to make the most out of the virtual Second Look Fair.

  • Learn more about how the fair will work
  • Get ideas on how to promote and market your org
  • Tips on outreach for your organization or department in a virtual setting

Be Prepared for the Fair!

The Second Look Fair 2023 will take place Feb 9 from 10:00AM - 3:00PM.

When and Where is the Fair?

The Second Look Fair will be on February 9 from 10:00AM-3:00PM in Stamp Student Union.

Be sure to stop by and participate in our scavenger hunt by collecting stickers in order to win a prize. Stay tuned to learn more at the fair!

How should I prepare for the fair?

Great question! We have PLENTY of tips for you to be as prepared as possible. Some things we recommend -

  • Logging-in and setting up your TerpLink account
  • Having your social media ready by following us (@marylandsorc) and student orgs you're interested in
  • Finding out what categories of orgs you're interested in before the fair 

There are even more ways you can prepare, just check out our handy video and slides to learn more!


All organizations and departments have to sign-up on TerpLink to participate. 

So how do I sign-up?

You will need to have access to create events in TerpLink to complete the sign-up. The president, treasurer, primary contact, organization administrator, and event administrator can do this. Some orgs may have given access to other positions to be able to submit events. Ask your leadership if you have access.

You can Register on TerpLink until February 1.

Please note that the name of your organization will be listed as it is in TerpLink at the fair. You are responsible for creating your meeting link; SORC will not be providing any links for the fair. If you need to change your meeting link (even during the fair), contact

What should I prepare for my org/department?

GREAT QUESTION! There are a lot of ways you can prepare for the fair. Some tips we recommend are -

  • Update your TerpLink page to make sure the info is current
  • Having a way to collect information (like a sign-up sheet at First Look Fair, but virtual)
  • Create a schedule of who will be manning your table
  • Promote your org on social media (SORC's and yours)
  • Decide what you're bringing along to the table

There are even more ways you can prepare, just check out our handy video and slides to learn more!

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Registration opens on 1/5 and remains open until 2/1
Official confirmation emails come from SORC, not from TerpLink
Prepare for the Fair - Print Requests
Print requests submitted by 2/6 are guaranteed in time for First Look Fair
Prepare for the fair - tabling tips
Schedule organization members ahead and make an FAQ list
Prepare for the fair - marketing
Have a way to collect information from interested attendees. Capitalize on the large audience and advertise your next event.
Prepare for the fair - scavenger hunt
At the fair you can collect stickers and be eligible for a prize, find out more the day of the fair
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