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About twice a month the Undocumented Student Program will send you a newsletter. There are two newsletters*, one focuses on scholarships, events,  and general resources and one on public policy,  community action and engagement. Through the content of the newsletters, you will have an opportunity to learn about the policies changing at the local, state and national levels that affect the immigrant community. You will also see opportunities to advocate alongside the undocumented and larger immigrant community both on campus and within the DC Metro area. We hope you enjoy the information on scholarships, and resources and that you can feel and see the resilience found within the immigrant community. Please take a look at and share the following resources and encourage others to sign up for our newsletter.


* The previous newsletters are attached below this form, take a look at what kind of information are on there and how it can help you.


Scholarships and General Resources Newsletter

05/26/2020  |  DACA Recipients  |  UMD Student & Alumni Testimonies  |  Migrating Shells

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04/06/2020  |  Wellness Gatherings  |  UMD Specific Scholarships  |  COVID-19 Resources for Immigrants

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04/30/2020  |  Scholarship Deadlines Extended  |  Non-Employ Based Fellowships  |  Entrepreneurship UndocuHustle  |  Migrating Shells -- MDUndocFund

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Public Policy and Resource Newsletter

04/07/2020  |  CAREact_PublicCharge_StayatHome Order  |  KnowYourRights_FreeThemAll

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04/27/2020  |  Filing TAXES without SSN  |  CENSUS_MDDreamActExpansion  |  LiberianDED  |  DACARenewals

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