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In anticipation of the full renovation of Student Involvement Suite, the Stamp wants to ensure student groups have access to vital resources they need to feel supported and be successful in their endeavors. New features in the Student Involvement Suite this fall include the  following: reservable meeting rooms, storage space, work rooms (TerraPods), a technology resource room, and special marketing and peer consultant services. Although the Student Involvement Suite offerings will primarily serve student groups, it will also be a place for students to learn about involvement opportunities. The SORC staff will be able to assist with OrgSync and other resources. Other Stamp programs, e.g. MICA Brown Bag series, will take place in the suite which can benefit both individual students and groups. Groups who have similar missions will also be invited to have networking events which could also be a way for students to learn more about these organizations.  For more information, please visit the SORC Office.

General Policies:

 1.       All STAMP policies governing the utilization of University facilities (including food and catering policy) apply within the SORC. These policies can be found at:

2.       The spaces students access must be kept clean and orderly. Rooms must be returned to their original state after the student organization is finished using it.

3.       The SORC reservable spaces are to be used for meetings that directly benefit the on-goings and success of registered student organization at the University of Maryland, College Park. These spaces cannot be reserved for the personal benefit of non-university organizations.   

4.       Any organization that shows disregard for university facilities and equipment or fails to abide by these guidelines may be denied further use of university space, charged additional fees, and/or be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action.

5.       IT services will only be provided if requested via E-Calendar system. 



Meeting Rooms

These rooms are only to be used for basic meetings for registered student organizations (i.e.  General body meetings, forums, executive board meetings, student organization group projects)  

To reserve a meeting room for your group, please use E-Calendar (EMS). This can be accessed by going here:

Storage Lockers

To reserve one of the storage lockers for your organization, please fill out this form on OrgSync:

Please note that the approval for these units is administered by the Stamp Advisory Board (SAB).

TerraPods (Extended Storage)

To reserve a storage unit within one of the TerraPods for an upcoming event or other organization activity, please fill out this form on OrgSync:

Please note that these storage units are for a maximum duration of two weeks (14 days)

TerraPods (Work Rooms)

To reserve a TerraPod for your organization, you must come to the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC). You may not reserve a room more than 15 minutes prior to the start of your meeting. The SORC staff will assist you in reserving and giving you access to these rooms. These spaces are intended as an area where last-minute business may be conducted privately and professionally. Phone calls, student organization paperwork, quick exec board meetings, etc are the primary purpose for these rooms.

Resource Room

The resource room will be available Monday-Friday from 10 AM to 10 PM and Saturday 12-4 PM. This room will contain various electronic resources available to student groups such as: printing, copying, computers with Photoshop, poster making, and other design software. This room is Room 0208C in the Student Involvement Suite.


The SORC will have monthly programming that will be available to registered student organizations free of charge. These program efforts aim to provide the following:

1.      Practical skills for student leaders and their organizations

2.      Inform students of available resources

3.      Knowledge of university systems, processes, and policies

4.      Better and increased collaboration among student organizations

5.      Help the student organizations achieve their own goals

6.      Connect students with more involvement opportunities

Peer Consulting

If your organization is interested in peer consultation services please fill out a request form in OrgSync by filling out this form:

Peer Consultants will do 1-on-1 sessions with organization leaders or will attend general body meetings. They can also provide resources on recruitment, retention, finances, knowledge of university systems, conflict resolution, etc. 

Student Involvement Suite

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