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Join Multiracial Heritage Month Committee!

Multiracial Heritage Month

Join Multiracial Heritage Month 2023 Planning Committee! 

Sign up here! Sign up closes November 10th. 


Multiracial Heritage Month 2022:

The theme for this year's Multiracial Heritage Month is “Interwoven Identities,” and navigating the intersectionalities within your identity and in your community. As our communities that identify as mixed continue to grow, we recognize multiraciality exists on a spectrum, and people shouldn't pass judgement without knowing the whole story, nor conceal parts of their own story. 


Multiracial Heritage Month Events:

March 7

Mixed Monologues

Come hear spoken word performers and speak your truth about your interwoven identities! Sing, speak, recite, or perform a piece on navigating the intersectionalities within your identity and in your community. 


March 14

Mixrepresented Gallery Opening Night

5pm - 6:30pm in MICA's Cozy Corner (Stamp B0203)

RSVP on Terplink here.

Join us for the opening of our annual photo gallery showcasing multiracial community members on campus. This exhibition aims to dispel the monolith notion that there is a certain way to "look" multiracial; rather, multiracial folks come from a multiplicity of backgrounds and intersectionalities. We hope to learn from their stories! Gallery will be open through the rest of the month of March.


March 15

Keynote: Leo Sheng on Navigating the Intersectionalities Within Yourself and Within Your Community

6pm - 7:30pm

Hybrid Event: In-person viewing in Colony Ballroom and synchronous webinar Zoom link coming soon

RSVP here.

Join us for a fireside chat with activist, actor and artist, Leo Sheng, as he talks about navigating his interwoven identities in personal and professional spaces. Leo identifies as a Chinese American transracial adoptee, transgender activist, former social work grad student, and actor best known for his role as Micah Lee on The L Word: Generation Q!.

For more information, contact MICA staff Ghonva Ghauri:

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