Multiracial Heritage Month


Stay tuned for Multiracial Heritage Month 2022 programming! 


Multiracial Heritage Month 2021:

The theme for the month was “Coloring Outside the Lines” which challenges the notion that people of certain races need to look a certain way for their identity to be validated. Instead of cursing the features we have or lack, we encourage folks to embrace and love their appearance as a reflection of their identity--without the need for outsiders’ acceptance. “Coloring Outside the Lines” dispels the idea that race exists as a monolith, and Multiracial folks should not be expected to conform to stereotypes in order to satisfy others’ curiosity. As the proportion of the population that identifies as mixed continues to increase exponentially, racial expectations and stereotypes are obsolete. Instead, others should recognize multiraciality exists on a spectrum, and people should not pass judgement without knowing the whole story. 

Keynote graphic:


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