Multiracial & Multicultural Student Involvement

Multiracial & Multicultural Involvement

Welcome! Multiracial & Multicultural Student Involvement is dedicated to cultivating an environment on campus and within the broader community that fosters the development of multiracial and multicultural identities and encourages cross-cultural collaboration. 


Check out our Multiracial Heritage Month programming happening throughout March!

MHM Flyer

Follow the Multiracial Biracial Student Association @mbsa.umcp on Instagram for details and updates!

Other opportunities for involvement: 

Growing Up Biracial from the Washington Post HD Podcast.

The Multiracial Biracial Student Association was once nationally recognized in the New York Times! Check out the article here!



Contact our team:

Sara Wiatrak, Multiracial Community Involvement Intern:

Tyanna A. E. Clayton-Mallett, Graduate Assistant for Multiracial Involvement:

Ghonva Ghauri, Coordinator for Multiracial & Native American Indian/Indigenous Student Involvement:


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