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University of Maryland Veterans Housing Scholarship Fund

The University of Maryland Veterans Housing Scholarship was created in 2012 through the generosity of a local housing corporation to support a Veteran student or family member who needs assistance with living arrangements. The scholarship provides a room in one of our generous housing sponsors' properties. Thank you to Southern Management Corporation, Monument Village, and University View for their generous contributions to the 2017-2018 housing scholarships. To learn more about the housing scholarships please visit:

Off-Campus Housing

Many students at the University of Maryland decide to live off-campus. The University has a portal that allows students to post and find roommates that offer affordable alternatives to living on campus at

You can look for available listings by clicking here.

G.I. Bill

The new G.I. Bill provides a monthly basic allowance for housing (BAH) payment for those who qualify. This calculator will show you the amount you are eligible for. Remember, the percentage you receive will be dependent upon your duty status and/or time spent on active duty. 

Department Of Resident Life

The Department of Resident Life has a specific page for veterans, which can help you locate housing resources as you plan your transition into the University of Maryland Community.

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