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Health Care

Student Health Insurance & VA Healthcare Options

There is a Health Center on the University of Maryland College Park campus for immediate non-urgent care. The University also has a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). For more information about this program, go here. Please note you will need a University ID Number to enroll, so you will not be able to enroll until you are accepted and have received your UID. You must follow the instructions on the Health Center website provided at the link above to either waive or enroll in SHIP.

There are also many Veterans Affairs medical facilities in the area. To find the VA medical facility closest to you, use their website here. If you are not yet enrolled in the VA medical system, you can find a guide on how to enroll in the VA healthcare system here

OIF/OEF Veteran’s Health Care

OIF/OEF combat veterans who received honorable discharges are eligible for free care for five years after discharge, so enrolling in the VA medical system is highly recommended. Learn more at

Women Veteran Health

The Department of Veterans Affairs emphasizes the vital role women play in the military, and the importance of providing quality medical care to female veterans. There are now specific programs to assist women veterans in meeting their medical needs through the VA system. Learn more online here.

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