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Stamp Appreciations

STAMP Appreciations are an easy way to thank, congratulate, or recognize a STAMP colleague on either a job well done or a special occasion. The STAMP Appreciations initiative is a day-to-day recognition program that can be used by employees and managers to recognize and appreciate each other- colleague to colleague- for the big and the small contributions we all make every day. 

Recognize as many individuals as you would like and let them know the positive impact their work has had on you!

Here is an example to inspire you:

"Thank you ____ for being such an awesome colleague. I really cherish your support on the initiatives and programs I oversee. Keep on being an instrumental part of the STAMP family."


  • STAMP staff can complete the google submission form found HERE
  • The Appreciation is meant for an individual. If you would like to send it to a group, please complete a separate form for each person.
  • The sender gets to pick the "A" card on which their Appreciation will be sent.  The cards include: Accomplishment, Awareness, Awesomeness, Adaptability, Altruism, Authenticity, Achievement, or Ambition
  • STAMP Staff members (exempt, nonexempt and graduate assistants) will receive a special lapel pin for the first Appreciation received.  
  • Staff will continue to receive cards with the special message from colleagues for each subsequent Appreciation.
  • The initiative is currently open to full and part time exempt staff, non-exempt staff and Graduate Assistants within STAMP.
  • Appreciations will be distributed by Marsha during Admin Meetings for Assistant and Associate Directors to then distribute to their individual staff members

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