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Employee Advisory Boards

Student Employee Advisory Board (SEAB) & Graduate Employee Advisory Board (GEAB)


Both SEAB and GEAB strive to create and foster life-long connections among student and graduate employees while strengthening their bond to Adele H. Stamp Student Union.


The Student Employee Advisory Board (SEAB) and Graduate Employee Advisory Board (GEAB) strive to give student and graduate employees of the Adele H. Stamp Union an outlet to voice concerns, determine unifying and common solutions to employment issues, and create a unified Stamp Staff through community development. We hope to achieve this by providing programming and community engagement events for student and graduate employees to connect, grow, and learn.

The vision and mission will be accomplished through more specific tasks such as:

  • Online community/social network forums
  • Social events
  • Hosting open-forums
  • SEAB and GEAB members act as ambassadors for their departments and as an outlet for student and graduate employees to voice concerns
  • Strengthening SEAB and GEAB members as individuals and leaders


SEAB Events

Fall 2023 events coming in September. 


GEAB Events

Fall 2023 events coming in September. 


Are you a STAMP employee? Love programming and community building? If you are interested in learning more about this paid employee leadership position, email Marinel Martinez-Benyarko at marinel@

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