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Registration Requirements

Guidelines to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO)


The University of Maryland has established a registration process for student organizations on campus, and that process provides specific guidelines under which student organizations may function. The registration process establishes a communication pattern between organizations and the University, through the Adele H. Stamp Student Union, that may support and add stability to student organization. The registration process spells out the responsibilities of student organizations and the consequences for groups that choose not to function in accordance with these guidelines. 


Student organizations are “recognized” by the University. The activities undertaken by a student organization are not sponsored or approved by the University. Registration does not create a contractual relationship between the University and the student organization or a property right or legal expectancy on the part of the organization. The University encourages student organizations to become Registered Student Organizations so students can better understand the University’s expectations regarding responsible co-curricular activity and take advantage of the many programs and services provided to assist them.


To become a registered student group with SORC and the University of Maryland, organizations must meet the following criteria. Registration approval is discretionary and is a function performed by the Student Organization Resource Center staff. Approval shall be based on a determination that the student organization meets the criteria listed below and that approval is in the best interest of the University.


Registering organizations may not be an underground group. University of Maryland defines an underground group as "An underground group means a number of persons who are associated with each other as former members of an organization for which Registered Student Organization status has been revoked. An underground group or organization perpetuates the previously registered student organization through the continued use of symbols, rituals, practices, and activities including but not limited to, hazing activities and hosting events accompanied by excessive drinking as well as overlapping membership."


A full list of requirements can be found on the SORC Registration Checklist - step-by-step directions on what orgs need to do to complete registration INCLUDING links to the President and Treasurer trainings and quizzes.


Completing the TerpLink Form and Registration Tracking:

  • All groups (new and returning) must complete and submit the registration forms on TerpLink to register. Only members listed as the President or Treasurer on your organization's roster can submit the registration. Use this handy article on how to change the the President and/or Treasurer (and/or any other positions you have) on your TerpLink Roster

  • To check your registration status, use our Registration Tracking Sheet. If you don't see your organization listed on the Registration Tracking Sheet, it means you have not officially submitted your Registration Form on TerpLink. Make sure you click SUBMIT at the end of the registration form.  

  • SORC staff will review all submitted registration forms within 15 business days after them being submitted

Brand New Organization Requirements:

  • Organizations registering with SORC for the first time will need to complete the Intent to Register Form on TerpLink.

  • Organization leaders will need to schedule a New Organization Welcome meeting with SORC. Just email to schedule a meeting.

  • Complete all the requirements for SORC Registration to be APPROVED

Roster Requirements:

  • All organizations must have a minimum of 6 members (5 students and 1 Faculty/Staff Advisor). Ensure your roster has the required number of members

    • Members must be added to TerpLink using their UMD email addresses; you only need to remove the "terpmail." and the email will work. Any emails added that are not UMD email addresses (i.e. gmail, terpmail, yahoo, comcast, etc.) will cause the registration to be denied on TerpLink.

  • At least 75% of the membership must be currently enrolled students. It is the responsibility of the Registered Student Organization to maintain the required number of currently enrolled students listed as members.

  • The organization must have at least one President and one Treasurer, held by two different members of the organization, and they both must be University of Maryland students. With the exception of the faculty/staff advisor, all officers must be held by currently enrolled University of Maryland students.

Officer Trainings and Requirements:

  • Officers must certify that information provided on the application form is accurate and up-to-date at all times

  • All listed Presidents and Treasurers must complete their officer trainings. Presidents and Treasures only need to complete 1 training each. Trainings must be completed by March 22, 2021 - so even if you took it last year or even in February, you'll need to take it again.

President reviews:

President Training Module 

Treasurer reviews
Treasurer Training Module

President passes
President Training Module Quiz

Treasurer passes

Treasurer Training Module Quiz



Advisor Requirements:

  • The organization must have a faculty/staff advisor currently employed by the University of Maryland

  • Said advisor must complete an Advisor Agreement Form. This form will need to be completed every year by the listed advisor.

Constitution Requirements:

  • Registered student organization must be directed and controlled by currently enrolled University of Maryland Students.

  • Constitutions must have a mission statement

  • Constitutions must disclose affiliate or parent organizations

  • Constitutions must have a ratification date or a date of last review

  • Constitutions must include a statement of non-discrimination in the organization’s constitution, a statement agreeing to abide by University of Maryland policies, as well as a ratification date. Sample language for these statements can be found on our Sample Constitution website

  • Constitutions must have a name that abides by University of Maryland trademark guidelines; i.e. may not use the terms “University of Maryland,” “Terrapins,” “Maryland Terrapins,” “Terps,” “Testudo” in its name without prior approval. Groups may use the term “University of Maryland” when the group’s name is “[Name of Organization] at the University of Maryland”

  • Organization, its officers, and members shall not conduct commercial activities that contribute, either directly or indirectly, to the private financial benefit of any individuals or organization other than the organization itself or the University of Maryland. Officers, members, and faculty/staff advisors are prohibited from using organization or their position to benefit a private commercial enterprise, organization or individual other than the organization or the University of Maryland.