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Multiracial Heritage Month


Multiracial Heritage Month March 2020:


Celebrate Multiracial Heritage Month with the Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy (MICA) at STAMP and campus partners! This year's theme is "No Offense". Knowing that racial stereotypes lay the foundation for systemic racism, we hope to tackle the issues of microaggressions and “-isms” toward multiracial people and communities. Accepting offensive language, however well-intended, strengthens the foundations on which offensive behavior, slurs, and hate crimes stand. We want to address the fact that although most offenses are not intended, and often good people can say bad things, these offenses are still harmful. By examining intent versus impact and implication, we seek to eliminate seemingly harmless and non-offensive racial jokes and assumptions, creating inclusive spaces and dialogues.


Week 1: March 2nd-6th


KICKOFF: Kickin' It With Culture

Tuesday, March 3rd // 7:30-10:30PM // Prince George's Room, STAMP


Join us in kickin' Multiracial Heritage Month into full swing with an evening of cultural org tabling, performances, and cross-cultural conversations! Sponsored by: Multiracial Biracial Student Association, MICA, Sigma Lambda Gamma 





Here's the Tea

Wednesday, March 4th // 4-6pm // Benjamin Banneker Room, STAMP


Take a break for an evening of self-care and conversations on identities, mental health, and microaggressions over tea, coffee, and pastries! Share the tea in our conversations on experience, identity, and self. Sponsored by: MICA Contact: Keanu,




Week 2: March 9th-13th


American Indian Student Union Fundraiser GBM

Monday, March 9th // 6:30-7:30pm // Terrapod A, SORC, STAMP


Join the American Indian Student Union in a hands-on experience to learn the historical significance behind Native American beading. Sponsored by: American Indian Student Union Contact: Jazmine,




Cultural Appreciation Gallery

Tuesday, March 10th // 10:30AM-3:30 PM // Atrium, STAMP


Housing artifacts representing the diversity and individuality of our campus community, join us in taking a moment to appreciate the value and meaning of each artifact within the context of an individual and collective identity. Sponsored by: MICA. Contact: Priya,




Power of Names Series: Name + Gender Change Workshop

Tuesday, March 10th // 12:30-1:30PM // Pyon Su, STAMP


Identity documents are a major area of legal concern for transgender people. Part of our Power of Names Series, come learn about navigating the legal waters of name & gender changes on federal & state documents. Sponsored by: Graduate Student Legal Aid. Contact:




Mixed Monologues

Wednesday, March 11th // 6:30-8:30 PM // Grand Ballroom Lounge, STAMP 


Speak your truth during an evening of expression! Featuring a performance by
writer and poet Kita Marshall, the evening will conclude with an open mic portion during which we invite all stories, experiences, and tales. Sponsored by: MICA & TOTUS. Contact: Keanu,




Power of Names Series: Native + Indigenous Naming Practices

Friday, March 13th // 12:45-2:30PM // Pyon Su, STAMP


Part of our Power of Names Series, join MICA in discussing Native & Indigenous naming practices and intentions to deepen your knowledge of the diversity of Indigenous communities. Sponsored by: MICA. Contact: Jazmine,




Week 3: March 16th-20th


Enjoy your Spring Break!


Week 4: March 23rd-28th



WEBINAR: A Discussion on Colorism

Tuesday, March 24th // 3:30-5:00PM //


Join us as we breakdown our experiences with Colorism, societal reflections of Colorism, and how we can deconstruct Colorism and reinforce positive beliefs in identity on campus and in our greater community. Sponsored by: MICA. Contact: Thea,




WEBINAR: Power of Names Series: Patronomy + Patriarchal Naming Practices

Thursday, March 26th // 3:30-5:00PM // 


Part of our Power of Names Series, join our lecture followed by Q&A discussing historical patriarchal naming practices, modern perspectives on naming, and patronomy. Sponsored by: MICA. Contact: Priya,




CANCELED: Annual UMD Powwow 2020 

Celebrate Native/Indigenous culture with our annual powwow on the University of Maryland Campus at There will be Native American dancing, drumming, and singing, as well as vendors selling their craft. Sponsored by: MICA, Office of Multiethnic Student Education, Maryland Milestones, Office of Graduate Diversity & Inclusion, Office of Community Engagement, & the Anthropology Department. Contact: Ghonva,




Week 5: March 30th-31st


KEYNOTE (ONLINE): Gerardo Ochoa on the Power of Names

Tuesday, March 31st // TBA


The culmination of our Power of Names Series, renowned educator and speaker Gerardo Ochoa leads a talk discussing the significance of names and their role in identity self-actualization. Sponsored by: MICA, Graduate Student Life, Vo!ces of Social Change. Contact: Ghonva,



MixRepresented: Photo Gallery



What does it mean to "look mixed"? Truth is: there isn't one look. Join us in viewing a photo gallery of Multiracial & Biracial identifying UMD students & take a glimpse into their story! Sponsored by: MICA & Multiracial Biracial Student Association. Contact: Multibiracial Student Association,