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Contemporary Art Purchasing Program

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The University of Maryland College Park Stamp Student Union has developed a Contemporary Arts Purchasing Program (CAPP) whose mission is to educate and inspire by exposing the campus community to thought-provoking art created by noted contemporary artists. Now in its eighteenth year, the program provides a student committee the opportunity to interact with the art world by researching, discussing, and purchasing artwork by emerging and established contemporary artists. CAPP operates on a biannual basis. Students of diverse majors are selected to participate through a competitive application process. Together they embark on a rigorous research and training program, including extensive visits to galleries and artists’ studios in Baltimore, New York, and Washington, DC. Explore the collection online!




  • Enroll in ARTT489C: Advanced Special Topics in Art - Markets and Collecting (3 credits) [May satisfy 400-level and/or art theory elective requirement(s) for undergraduate Studio Art Majors and MFAs; may satisfy one of three "Supporting Area" courses required for Art History Majors with approval from Director of Undergraduate Studies; applicants in other disciplines should inquire with their program director about the course's applicability as a distribution requirement in their field.] 
  • Attend weekly meetings and conduct extensive independent research


  • Enroll in a one-credit class to prepare for trips to DC, Baltimore, and New York City, where the committee visits galleries and artists' studios
  • Participate in trips, gallery tours, and studio visits, including over spring break (March 14–20, 2021) 
  • Present acquisition recommendations to the CAPP Advisory Board, a panel of CAPP alumni, curators, collectors, and art historians
  • Attend weekly meetings and conduct extensive independent research





  • Emily Boa, Communications ‘24
  • Isabella Chilcoat, Art History ‘23
  • Rachel (Rae) Leonberger, Art History/LGBTQ+ Studies ‘23
  • Alicia Perkovich, Art History & History ‘23
  • Raphael Ukpelegbu, Business Marketing ‘23


  • Ty Roland-Reeves, Studio Art ‘22
  • Emily Gilman, English ‘21
  • Katherine Jackson, Art History ‘21
  • Daniela Ruiz Perez, Geographical Sciences/Studio Art ‘21


  • Jacky Cruz-Castillo, Studio Art/Art History '19
  • Kari Gillman, Studio Art '19
  • Rina Goldman, Studio Art/Theater '19
  • Annie Jun, English '18
  • Sydney Wess, Journalism/Art History '19
  • Ruoyu Wu, Studio Art/Math '20


  • Rachael Carruthers, History/Studio Art ‘17
  • Grace DeWitt, Animal Science/Studio Art ‘17
  • Nicolay (Nick) Duque-Robayo, Art History/Philosophy ‘18
  • Kathleen Hubbard, Art History/Philosophy ‘17
  • Damon King, Business ‘17
  • Sarang Yeola, Physics/Economics ‘18


  • James Boyle
  • Zoe Copeman
  • Melissa Rogers
  • Lauren Jeyoon
  • Korey Richardson
  • Makeda Solomon
  • Charlotte Zhang


  • Nathalia Gabriel
  • Zulekha Sayyed
  • Jennifer Clifford
  • Hanna Kelly
  • Alexander McCormick
  • Sarah Buchanan


  • Michele Briley
  • Erin Kim
  • Mara Duvra
  • David Phelps
  • Eldis Sula


  • Sana Javed
  • Ali Stuebner
  • Alison Reilly
  • Megan Wickless
  • Ophra Paul


  • Lindsay Smilow
  • Dominique Ryan
  • Dara Koppelman
  • Rachel Kurinsky
  • Emily Newton
  • Fernando Ramirez
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