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Memorial Chapel Fund

The Memorial Chapel is a multi-faceted campus facility serving numerous on-and off- campus populations and is home to a diverse range of events and personnel. Dedicated in 1952 as a living memorial to members of the University community that gave their lives in times of war, the Memorial Chapel is the center of religious life on campus and supports all fourteen university recognized chaplaincies and their programs.

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Garden of Reflection and Remembrance

Pretty labyrinth

In a time when most people run their lives with an overcrowded calendar and the world seems a bit more fragile, finding time—let alone a place—to reflect is difficult. The Garden of Reflection and Remembrance is such a place. We invite you to join us in creating this special campus addition. 

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Garden of Reflection and Remembrance in Honor of Marsha Guenzler-Stevens

Wooden bench in garden

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2002 Class Gift

2002 class gift

Dear 2002 Terp:

2002 Flowers in ODK fountain

A decade has passed since our time together at Maryland. We were fortunate to go out as national champions with the men's basketball team; however, we were each deeply affected by the attacks to our country on 9/11. We will always remember that day—and many of us will remember the day after when our campus and the College Park community came together on the Mall to comfort one another.

2002 plaque

Our class gift, which is located near the Memorial Chapel,commemorates all of the extraordinary events which occurred during our final year at Maryland.  The dates of these momentous events are engraved in four limestone blocks.

2002 Labyrinth

In honor of our ten year anniversary, I am asking for your support to maintain and enhance our 2002 Class gift, which is now part of the new Garden of Remembrance and Reflection. I have already contributed $2002.00, and I hope you will join me today in making your own contribution. No matter how much you give, your gift will make an immediate and lasting impact.

Thank you for supporting our class gift, as we celebrate our ten year anniversary this spring. If you have any questions or would like to see the class gift first, please contact me at with any questions.

Yours Truly,

Sammy Popat, 2002 Senior Class Gift Co-Chair


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