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Welcome to the University of Maryland - College Park Latino Heritage Month 2011 home page!


Latine Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the history, traditions, accomplishments, and culture of a large heterogeneous Latine, Hispanic and Latin American community. Officially, the month began as a week-long observation in 1968 and later in 1988 the observation became a month long. The month begins on September 15, 2011 to October 15, 2011 due to the significance of September 15th, the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico declared its independence from Spain on September 16th and Chile on September 18th.      

When we speak about “Latino” or "Hispanic" we are considering and acknowledging the vast races, histories, ethnicities, and visual representations within out community. No one symbol can encapsulate who we are. We recognize our African, Indigenous American, and European roots as the basis of our unique mestizaje. We continue to remain connected despite the vast diversity amongst us. Latine Heritage Month represents comunidad or "community." 

We have come together to celebrate our ancestors, family and ourselves through stories and rituals. We also take strong pride in not only continuing tradition, but making new ones at the University of Maryland, College Park. Latine Heritage Month represents tradition.

In addition, we present multiple opinions, issues, expressions, and ideas that stem from this unique heterogeneity. The range of student organizations, topics chosen, and programming for the month, represents our special heritage of being in a cultural mosaic, having multiple histories, shared commonalities, as well as, differences amongst our people. Hispanic Heritage Month represents Latinidad.

We hope to share and increase more awareness of our community, tradition and Latinidad with the community. 

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