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About Our Community Partners

A Wider Circle

A Wider Circle has the mission to end poverty, and they do not say no to anyone! AWC provides education and job preparedness, long-term support programs, and basic provision items. Volunteers will be part of A Wider Circle's Neighbor-to-Neighbor program, which furnishes the homes of about 20 families each day. Anyone in need can find help in the form of home furnishings, appropriate outfits for work, toys and games for kids, and much more, all at no cost to the clients. Volunteers will load client vehicles, restock the warehouse, sort and organize donations, and assist clients in choosing items.

Spring 2020 Site Time:  Fridays 1:00pm-4:30pm

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Campus Pantry

The Campus Pantry is the University of Maryland's official emergency food service available to students and staff. Established in 2014, the Campus Pantry is managed by the Department of Dining Services and is housed at the University Health Center. The Pantry provides nonperishable foods and also fresh produce donated from the UMD TerpFarm, free of cost for UMD affiliates. The mission and vision is to alleviate food insecurity among students and staff in need. Volunteers will assist the Campus Pantry in organizing and stocking the shelves, and conducting food drives.

Spring 2020 Site Time: Mondays 1:00pm - 3:00pm

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Mi Espacio is an after-school youth leadership development program sponsored by CASA de Maryland. The program provides a supportive environment where students from local PGCPS high schools can gain the confidence, skills, and knowledge they need to graduate and achieve their post-secondary dreams. The model aims to recognize the strengths of each individual as well as the collective power of group problem solving and community organizing. Volunteers are needed to assist our students to complete their homework, help with the ongoing personal enrichment projects, and will get the opportunity to work closely with youth to develop a meaningful relationship. 

Spring 2020 Site Times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3:00pm - 6:00pm

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College and Career Pathways at Northwestern High School 

College and Career Pathways offers school-site and community-based college access and career exploration services to students throughout Prince George's County and the greater DC Metro area. The program strives to ensure that each student graduates from high school with a plan for achieving their educational and career goals. The program provides ongoing and consistent academic support and remediation through weekly tutoring opportunities. Volunteers will serve as tutors and mentors to students at Northwestern High School, to ensure that they complete their degree and are able to move forward to post-secondary education.

Spring 2020 Site Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 3pm - 6pm

Note: A supplemental application and background check are mandatory.

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ECO City Farm

ECO seeks to reverse the effects of systemic poverty, racism, and environmental destruction through establishing and promoting social venture community-based business. Their mission is to involve people from all walks of life in healthy and sustainable living activities. Volunteers at the farm will engage directly in the process of growing produce, including seeding, planting, crop care, harvesting, and packaging produce for delivery.

Spring 2020 Site Time: Saturdays 8:30am - 12:30pm

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Greenbelt CARES (***NEW FOR SPRING 2020***)

Established in 1974, by the City of Greenbelt, Greenbelt CARES is a community based, family oriented counseling program dedicated to promoting responsible behavior and appropriate family management skills.  The Vocational / Educational Counselor offers GED preparatory classes, an individual and group tutoring program to assist students in school, and an ODD JOBS/JOB BANK program, to help people with the world of work and help citizens with odd jobs around the community.  There is also an Adult ESOL program to help those with low English proficiency.  Greenbelt CARES provides an ESOL/conversational English class targeted towards adult learners living in the Springhill Lake/Franklin Park community who are interested in learning English. Participants come from a variety of countries including: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cameroon, Iraq, Iran and Taiwan.  A variety of educational materials are available for tutors to help serve their staff partners. Students have the opportunity to directly help our community! Students meet one-on-one with a with people to tutor English and reach any other goals they have set for themselves. 

Spring 2020 Site Times: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9am-12:30pm



Habitat for Humanity ReStore (***NEW FOR SPRING 2020***) 

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Silver Spring is an independently owned reuse stores operated by a local Habitat for Humanity organizations that accept donations and sell home improvement items to the public at a fraction of the retail price.  ReStores strive to keep operating costs as low as possible to maximize the amount of money that goes directly to benefit your community.  Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter in local communities and around the world.  Find at more at: Volunteers at the ReStore will help customers, unload trucks, price items, get items on the floor, creating decorative displays, stocking shelves, furnisher repair and refurbishing, and contribute to social media posts. 

Spring 2020 Site Time: Wednesdays 2:30pm-5:30pm



Little Lights Urban Ministries (Little Lights)

Little Lights Urban Ministries empowers under-served youth and families in Washington, D.C., particularly those living in the Potomac Gardens public housing unit. The organization takes a holistic approach to caring for the well-being of each child to come through their programs, not just in bolstering academics, but also in providing time to play, create art, eat, learn life skills, and relax in a safe environment. The Center is dedicated to providing compassion, upholding innovation in their approaches to education, and respecting diversity.

Homework Club 
Little Lights aims to provide homework support as well as supplemental curriculum to students in public housing communities. Volunteers serve both elementary (PreK-4th grade) and middle school (5th-8th grades) students by providing tutoring and being positive, caring figures. The students work in two rotation groups, rotating between academics and recreation.

Spring 2020 Site Times: Mondays & Thursdays 2:30pm - 6:30pm

Note: A supplemental application and background check are mandatory.

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Magruder Park

Magruder Park is Hyattsville's major park facility, and a favorite among the community! At 32 acres, the park is a remarkable hidden gem of green space. Unfortunately, Magruder is overrun with invasive species of plants. These invasive species with no local predators tend to overrun native plants, disrupting the ecosystem and causing problems for both animals in the area and people in the community. Volunteers will work with Hyattsville city park staff to identify and remove these invasive plants and pick up trash around the park. The city park staff will also provide opportunities to educate volunteers on environmental issues and conservation efforts.

Spring 2020 Site Time:  Saturdays 9:30am - 12:30pm

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Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC)

MNCPPC seeks to balance preservation with managing the growth of communities, protect and steward natural, cultural, and historic resources, and provide leisure and recreational experiences for both residents and visitors of Maryland. Volunteers work on the Paint Branch Trail, which is within walking distance from campus and leads to Lake Artemesia. Volunteers pull invasive species, clean up trash, and perform trail maintenance with the park service. There may be opportunities to work in local schools teaching about the environment as well as advocacy work on campus, which takes leadership and initiative on the volunteer's part.

Spring 2020 Site Time: Wednesdays 3:00pm - 6:00pm

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Seabury Resources for the Aging

Seabury Resources for the Aging's mission is to provide personalized, affordable services and housing options to help older adults in Washington, DC to live with independence and dignity. Their Age-in-Place program allows for their clients to continue living in their lifelong homes and apartments by providing volunteers to help with basic upkeep and maintenance that they cannot do themselves. Students will work in groups at the residences of elderly and aging community members. The service itself can include house cleanup, yard work, small maintenance projects, and other upkeep tasks, not to mention engaging with the clients, who love speaking with college students!

Spring 2020 Site Time: Fridays: 12:30pm - 4:30pm

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Stamp Language Partnership Program (SLPP)

The University of Maryland's Maryland English Institute offers ESOL classes to students, staff, and faculty. The Stamp Language Partnership Program (SLPP) offers a unique and complementary service for Stamp staff members to practice their conversational English and gain professional development experience. Students partner with Stamp Student Union workers to serve as speaking partners and to teach computer literacy. Curricula are established between volunteers and workers on the first day of service.

Spring 2020 Site Time: By appointment




TerpFarm is the University of Maryland's very own sustainable vegetable farm. Established in 2014 with funding from the Student Sustainability Grant Fund, TerpFarm is managed by the Department of Dining Services and produces fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables to be served to diners on the College Park campus. Food produced on the farm is also donated on a weekly basis to the Campus Pantry program, aimed at improving food security within our campus community. Volunteers at the farm will engage directly in the process of growing fruits and vegetables, including seeding, planting, crop care, harvesting, and packaging for delivery to the campus dining program.

Spring 2020 Site Time: Saturdays: 9:00am-1:00pm

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